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Hello, I’m Faith. And yes, Faith is my real name! “Faith” also a good adjective to describe my profession as a psychic and a medium. I’m a third generation medium, psychic, spiritual adviser, teacher, and lecturer. My passion is to bring comfort and closure to my clients. This takes a lot of faith in my gifts. My private sessions are much more lengthy than most you’ll experience in this profession. They’re comprehensive, and my clients often leave them with deep closure because I take as much time as necessary to help them answer any questions that they have. I specialize more in mediumship, in which I connect with angels, spirit guides, and people who have died. I was born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in a faith-centered home. I started showing signs of connections to spirits when I was about 4 years old. My mother and grandmother also have psychic and mediumship abilities. My mother worked as a professional medium for more than 30 years. Law enforcement is another cornerstone of my character and development. My father was an officer and sergeant on a local police force, and my post-secondary education is in Criminal Justice. I began using my psychic and mediumship talents in a public format in 1998. I started out reading for clients at charitable fairs and Psychic cafés. My accuracy and confidence grew through participation in these events. I further expanded them by giving lectures, taking advanced Spiritualist classes, giving readings in group forums, and moderating esoteric workshops. Being a psychic or a medium is an art that’s much greater than having a gift. It’s a talent that can constantly be improved, honed, refined, and enriched. I’ve traveled to many parts of the world to participate in large international events and to work with universally admired spiritual gurus. Today, I provide my psychic and mediumship talents to the public on a full-time professional basis by offering my services through private readings, live media events, lectures, meditation classes, group events, and educational sessions. I am honored and truly grateful to be able to bring closure, comfort, and hope to people who need guidance. As my clients, you are the reason I do what I do. Your comfort and closure are what builds my faith and makes my work so fulfilling for me. I conduct readings out of Ontario, Canada. Check out the home tab on my blog to learn more about how I work and to learn about tools and experiences you can use to better understand this profession.