Connecting with Your Spiritual Guide

Spiritual Guide

Your spirit guides are always there with you, and they want to form a relationship with you. They are there to guide you and to give you advice so that you can live your best life. Everyone has a spiritual guide but not everyone will communicate with them or get to know them.

It is important to know that your spiritual guides are there to guide you in your love, career, health and with any challenges that you have. You can ask your spiritual guides anything that you want, and they can guide you and give you direction. They are also there if you need to have comfort and peace.

Getting to know your spiritual guides is important and the more questions you ask the stronger your connection will be. You can ask your spiritual guides anything and they are always there to support you.

What to Ask Your Spirit Guide

Here are some of the best questions that you can ask your spirit guides!

  • About your past life.
  • Ask who your spirit animals are.
  • Ask about your loved ones that have died.
  • Do you have energies from your past life left over?
  • Ask about life.
  • Ask about death.
  • Ask about the universe and things you haven’t seen.
  • Ask them to send you images of them.
  • Ask what your spirit guide does.
  • Ask about a ghost.
  • Relationships in your life.
  • Questions about your kids.
  • Questions about your parents or other family members.
  • Questions about your love life.
  • Who is trying to reach you.
  • Ask them to guide you.
  • Ask them about your past.
  • Ask about your life now.
  • Ask how you can go in a new direction.
  • Ask about your job.
  • Ask about what you need to change.
  • Ask about mistakes you’re making.
  • Ask if you should do something differently.
  • Ask why you can’t have something you want.
  • Ask why you get upset.
  • Ask about someone else’s behavior.
  • Ask how you can succeed.
  • Ask about grief.
  • Ask for strength.
  • Ask for peace.
  • Ask them to get rid of your problems.
  • Ask them to help you forgive.
  • To have past healing.
  • To help you have a good future.
  • To find true love.
  • To manifest love.
  • To find the right mentors.
  • To find your passions.
  • To find out about your health.
  • To help your finances.
  • To heal your money problems.
  • About your body.
  • About your relationships.
  • To find new opportunities.
  • To treat the world better.
  • To find truth.
  • To find your skills.
  • To see the world more beautifully.
  • To find good in all things.
  • To ask for support.
  • To show you what to avoid.
  • What to focus on.
  • What brings you peace.
  • To help others.
  • For protection.
  • What the best outcome will be.
  • What the worst outcome will be.
  • For a parking space.
  • To guide you at work.
  • To help you with writing.
  • To do your best.
  • To forgive others.
  • Help during childbirth.
  • Help to put white light around you.
  • To guide you in parenting.
  • To have a good lifestyle.
  • To have better emotions.
  • To not be angry.
  • To avoid disasters.
  • To understand the best foods to eat.
  • What foods to avoid.
  • Dreaming interpretation.
  • If he or she is the one for you.
  • If you should take a chance.
  • If you should take medicine.
  • If you need medical help.
  • Why you’re stressed.
  • What you need to learn.
  • What synchronicities are happening.
  • What signs the universe is giving you.
  • How to get abundance.
  • What will make you happy.
  • How can you know yourself better.
  • What is the best place to live.
  • Who should you trust.
  • Who shouldn’t you trust.
  • To speak your mind.
  • What really matters to you.
  • What should you move on from.
  • To show you the future.
  • What direction to take.
  • Where you should vacation.
  • How you can make more money.
  • To be your best self.
  • To love yourself.
  • To help a stranger.
  • How to connect with your guides better.
  • More ways to be psychic.
  • What will inspire you.
  • To be more flexible.
  • To get insight.
  • To have power when you need it.
  • For inspiration.
  • To reveal the intentions of others.
  • To help with public speaking.
  • To learn something new.
  • To meet a deadline.
  • For lights to be green.

Knowing Your Guides

You might wonder if you have guides, and the answer is yes. Your guides will be there to give you ideas and to help you. You can openly communicate with your guides, and they will help you and show you that they are there for you.

If you have a problem believing in your guides, they won’t show up for you. They only come when you invite them, and they won’t take away your free will.

You can communicate with your guides by asking them questions and by talking to them. You can do this out loud or you can do this silently. Connecting with your guides by asking questions is a fast way to talk to them.

If you want to know what the universe has for you, talk to your guides. You can even use tools to talk to them and connect with them such as:

• Crystals.
• Sage.
• Incense.
• Candles.
• Drum.
• Holding a talisman.
• Tarot cards.
• Flowers.

Spirit Guides and Communication

Most of the time your spirit guide will talk to you through intuition. You don’t have to be psychic in order to hear them and you can use your gifts to be able to communicate. Synchronicities can also be a sign that your spirit guides are talking to you, and this can be a song playing on the radio or meeting a stranger. Signs can be a form of spirit guide communication such as:

• Angel numbers.
• Repeating numbers.
• Coins.
• Feathers.
• Rainbows.
• Personal signs.

Spirit Guide Signs

If you feel that you have a sign from your spirit guide, then it probably is. Don’t think of things as a coincidence and just trust your intuition. Sometimes divine timing can happen, and this can be a big sign that your spirit guide is communicating with you.

Divine timing happens when something is unexplainable or when the timing is so perfect that it is almost magic that it happened. This can be something life changing or something that seems lucky or something you’re escaping from last second.

Spirit Guides Versus Ghosts

Spirit guides are spirits and there are other spirits around you such as:

• Angels.
• Ghosts.
• Fairies.
• Spirit Guides.
• Spirit Animals.

Spirit guides are guides of light and this means that they are loving spirits. They come to you in your lifetime, and they can be ancestors, deceased relatives, ghosts, or just guides that are there to help you.

The difference is that ghosts are stuck in the unseen realm and sometimes you can see them in the physical because they aren’t able to pass over yet. Ghosts normally stay because of some kind of fear or trauma.

Talking to Ghosts

Ghosts are normally good and loving but sometimes they aren’t. Sometimes ghosts can move things and can-do poltergeist things. You should never communicate with your ghosts unless you are sure of what you are doing. Don’t use Ouija boards or do seances because you can call forth evil ghosts that are there to trick you or to cause you harm. Don’t let negative spirits come to you by engaging in these things.

Final Thoughts

Talking to your spirit guides can be as easy as talking to yourself. You don’t have to do anything elaborate to talk to your spirit guides. You can meditate, use crystals, drink some tea, and relax and just tell your guides everything you need to say.

You can call your guides spirit guides, angels, positive spirits, positive entities, or whatever kind words that you want to call them. They are positive and they are loving and kind and there for you to guide you and support you.