What Do Wildflowers Mean?


When spring and summer starts to come you will start seeing flowers everywhere. The flowers aren’t just there to look pretty but they carry a strong meaning. Some flowers symbolize different things, and this can depend on your culture. Cultures like Egypt and Greece have different meanings for flowers than others do.

Why Are Wildflowers Important?

Wildflowers are important because they can tell you things without having to talk. They can send you messages, can be used in medicine and can be there to make you feel something. Some flowers can make you have strong spirituality while others can help you to celebrate the memory of someone that you love.

Here are some flowers that have different meanings:

  • Roses

Roses have different colors, and they have different meanings. Some roses can mean love and one of the best flowers to give at Valentine’s Day is the rose. This can be one rose or many roses. Roses normally mean that love is there.

  • Daisies

Daisies represent being young and being innocent. This flower is loved by children and is bright with a yellow center and white flower petals. Some call the flower a “day’s eye.” Because of how it looks.

  • Water Lilies

Water lilies are cool because they sit on top of the water. They are seen in ancient Greek times as a representation of beauty in danger. Buddhist believe that the flower is a spiritual flower and that it means balance and change.

  • Sunflowers

Sunflowers are bright and bring warmth. They are a symbol of being honest and of the sun and getting out of darkness.

  • Tulips

Tulips are planted and thought to represent reincarnation. They represent being refreshed and having a connection with the divine. They represent love and they are there to show rebirth in the earth.

  • Freesias

This flower is strong smelling and is a symbol of trust, calmness, and universal pleasure.

  • Jasmines

This is a flower that is great to be used in weddings. It is mean to mean purity and it can be used in oils and put in teas that people can drink.

  • Lupines

This flowers means strength and perseverance. It is thought to get rid of negativity and to help you if you are needing to move forward. These are found in British Columbia and California, and they are often seen by a crashing sea.

  • Dahlias

The Dahlia is a flower that means spiritual birth or a healthy choice. It is a lighter colored flower that can mean to make new connections. If the flower is dark in color thought, it can warn you that change is coming.

  • Peonies

Peonies are a symbol of friendships and relationships. It can also mean luck and beauty. If you give someone this flower, it can be telling them how lucky they are to know you.

  • Violets

Violets are known because of their deep color. They are considered divine and bring about strong intuition. These are flowers that can represent spiritual growth, visions, dreams, mental clarity and more. Put these by your bed when you sleep to have better sleep.

  • Carnations

Carnations have different colors, and the different colors can have different meanings. These are often used in memorials or holidays, and they are given at school dances. They are a flower that is mean to show that you are devoted to others.