Knowing the Color of Your Soul

Color of Your Soul

Colors are very special, and the color of your soul tells you who you are and how much you are growing and how motivated you are. There are specific colors that are great, and they can help you to understand your life journey even better. The color can also tell the things that you desire and what your soul longs for.


Here are some colors and what they mean for your soul:

  • Yellow

This color tells that you are a positive person and that you are confident. It shows that you feel safe in light and that you are able to express yourself and to share your courage with other people. You love the light feeling you and this fills you with confidence that helps you to attract good things.

  • Green

Green is a color that shows that you have a good life. It shows that you are connected to nature and that you are growing. It also can mean that you are grounded and that you are strong in your body, mind, and soul. It shows that you are able to change when you need to, and life satisfies you.

  • Orange

Orange tells you that you are creative and artistic. It shows that you are glad to be alive and that you are enthusiastic. It also shows that you will do what it takes to have your desires and that you will have people that want to be creative with you.

  • Purple

This is a color that says that you are wise and that you seek out knowledge. It shows that you are spiritual and that you put your life towards your spiritual growth. You can see that this can guide you to your hearts desires and that you can get wealth when you need it.

  • Pink

Pink is a color that says that you are kind and gentle. It also shows compassion and that you love others. You are someone that attracts people in your life and that you are magnetic.

  • Blue

Blue means that you are connected deeply to creation. You draw people to you naturally and you are focused on mastering subjects and learning new things. You see pleasure in learning.

  • Red

Red means that you are passionate, and you are going to fight until you get what you want. You will do what it takes to reach your goals and to accomplish things in your life. It says that you will light up your path along the way.