Using Crystals for Healing

Crystals for Healing

Crystals are powerful and they have their own properties that can bring about healing and other great benefits. If you want to know how to use crystals for healing, the best way to start is by cleansing your crystal.

Picking a Crystal

There are some crystals that would be very beneficial to add to your collection. Here is how to pick your very own:

  • Pay attention to the energy. If you feel drawn to a crystal, this can be one that you should pick. When looking online or going into a crystal shop, if the energy draws to you, choose that one.
  • Pick the crystal that helps you with what you need. If you need healing from stress, Rose Quartz is a good crystal to pick but if you are experiencing headaches, try the Amethyst.
  • Pick a crystal based on whatever you want to increase in your life. If you need help with your finances, pick a crystal-like aventurine or citrine.

Using Your Crystal

Once you pick a crystal, or many, its important to know how to use them to help you in your life. There are different ways that different people will use their crystals, and this is totally up to what makes you feel the most comfortable. If you want to do energy healing, you need to know what the crystal that you have can do. Here are some ways that you can use your own crystals:

  • Hold them in your hand when you need to feel supported.
  • Use them when you meditate.
  • Use them when you do yoga.
  • Put one in your pocket or in your bra to support you for the day.
  • Keep a crystal in your purse or wallet when you need to manifest money.
  • Put crystals in your bath when you are taking a bath but make sure that the crystals are able to be put in water.
  • Use crystals to decorate your area. Put some on your desk and some on your television stand.
  • Use them in your pillow so that you can sleep better.
  • Use the crystals to help cleanse your energies. You can use these with other tools of divination such as tarot cards and if you don’t have a smudge stick, these can work just as good for cleansing your home or office.
  • Put them by your plants but make sure that they are safe with water.

Cleansing Your Crystals

Cleansing your crystals is very important before you use them and even after you use them. This can help to rid your crystal of any negativity that it might have picked up and keep it working powerfully. Here is how to cleanse your own crystals:

  • Set them on the windowsill in the moon or the sun to recharge them.
  • Put them out in the rain or put them in a bowl of salt water.
  • Smudge the crystals with a sage stick or use a candle and cleanse them by the flame of the fire.
  • Bury them in dirt for 24 hours and let the dirt soak up the negative energy.
  • Use other cleansing crystals and put them beside each other such as selenite.

When to Cleanse Your Crystals

It is recommended that you cleanse your crystals right after you purchase them and bring them home with you. Cleanse them because they might have picked up energies wherever they were. You should also cleanse your crystals after you do hard healing work, and you need to have more positive energies.

Cleansing your crystals on a regular basis is just like you taking a bath to cleanse your body. Do this at least once a month and then if you feel that you need to cleanse them more, listen to your intuition and do it.