How to Use a Pendulum


One of the biggest questions that psychics get is “how does a pendulum work?” There are people that believe in the pendulum and there are also people that are skeptical about it. Some will argue that the way that a pendulum moves happens because of gravity and there is no real outcome given.

Beyond the way that gravity pulls the pendulum, there are energies that the user will feel that allows them to get answers to questions that are being asked.

Where Do Pendulum Answers Come From?

Pendulums use energies to get answers. The energy comes from your higher spiritual self. The answers come from inside of the person and from the energies around them. These answers can also come from your angels or spiritual guides.

The angels are still going to be sent to you through the higher power that is inside of you. When you are doing pendulum reading, you have to make sure that you are open minded and that you are finding the truth in the situation. If you are someone that is attached to what you want to happen, you can make the readings not be honest.

When you are too attached to the situation, or if you feel upset or stressed about something then chances are that you will make the pendulum give you a positive answer. You should always ask someone else to do the reading for you if this happens.

When someone isn’t as anxious or invested in getting a certain answer, then you can let them do a reading for you so that you can find the true answer and not an answer that you hope to have. This will help the answer to be objective and will allow you to get an answer without having strong feelings and emotions that cause you to interfere with how the answer comes.

Let a friend or a trusted psychic help you to do your pendulum reading. Ask your questions and let your friend or psychic help to give you the answer that is based on truth and not emotions.

Using a Pendulum Chart

There are many ways that you can use your pendulum and there is no right or wrong way. Ask the pendulum different questions so that you can form a relationship with it.

Ask questions that will help you to know what kind of answers the pendulum is giving you. If you get an answer and you don’t know what it means, you can ask the pendulum to clarify the answer for you. The questions that you ask should work with a yes or no answer, but you can also use a chart to get answers that are arranged on the chart.

For years, there have been charts that have been made. These charts were created to help people get higher messages and to get answers that are more than yes or no answers. If you have blockages in your life, the messages might not come through. You need to make sure that your vibrations are high and that you are listening and trusting your intuition. Use the universal truths to make sure that you are seeking the right things.

To use the pendulum, you can get a chart that you prepare before you even begin. Let the pendulum be held over the chart and let the pendulum answer questions. Set your intention on what you want to ask and ask a question that is important to you.

Look at things that are blocking you in your life and address each of them. Most people have more than one kind of blockage and this is an important step. You will see that as you get rid of blockages, you will get clear answers.

Pendulums and Intentions

Once you know your pendulum and how to use it, you can see that you can get the guidance that you need in your life. This is also going to be a time that you can increase your intuition. Make sure that you are asking good questions because the better the question, the better the answers are going to be.

Tap into yourself and ask questions that will give you the best answers. Know what you want to know and don’t let your answers cause you to have attachments. Ask your spiritual guides to help you.

You should be connected to your pendulum and the pendulum should be connected to your energy. This will help you to be open on your journey and to get the answers that you are seeking. As you learn your pendulum and your energy, you will see this will flow smoothly and you will be able to get the answers that you need the most.