Ignoring Her for the Chase

Ignoring Her for the Chase

You might want a girl to like you and you realize that you have to ignore her to get her attention. Even though this makes no sense, it is important to know that women are complicated and that things that they do don’t always make sense.

There have been many stories of women falling for the bad guys that don’t treat them right and that ignore them while leaving the guy that would make their life amazing in the dust. It might seem strange, but it always does seem like good guys finish last.

The truth is, good guys don’t finish last, per say, they just don’t always know the right things to do to win the girl over. Women don’t always go for the good guy and the truth is this happens because she doesn’t value you being kind to her. She wants you to make her work for it. By doing this, she will appreciate you and want to be with you.

A nice guy is probably someone that is nice to everyone and not just the girl. You need to learn that you have to treat her differently than you do everyone because she can’t see that even though you are nicer to her than everyone else, that you really aren’t being a pushover or a people pleaser.

A guy that is nice isn’t exciting in her eyes and if you want to make her chase you, you might need to learn how to ignore her. She might not approach you first when you go out and she might not be the one that makes the first move even if she likes you. Most men and women like the chase game and this is just part of psychology.

Women also don’t like to be rejected and so when she is waiting for a guy to approach her, this can be your time to ignore her and let her do the chasing. Here is how:

  • Make the First Move But Not All the Moves

Women don’t like to be rejected and so it can be hard for a woman to approach him first. You need to learn that you have to show interest first. You can do this by starting a conversation and making her laugh at a joke. This seems small but it can make a huge difference.

Of course, you need to get her number and text her but don’t overdo it. You need her to be the one that comes after you. You will get this not by texting her constantly because then she will think that you are too nice and too easy.

  • Keep Your Original Plans

If you have plans with the guys, keep your plans, and don’t change them for her. She will be thankful to know that you are putting things aside when you do actually change your plans for her like if she needs you. But if you do this all the time then she will think that you are too available, and this will not get you the attention that you want.

When she asks you to hang out, don’t cancel plans that you have to do this and make her chase you. Don’t always be available when she messages you or wants to spend time with you. Even though you want to spend this time with her, if you tell her that you have other things going on, she will know that you aren’t chasing her, but she will want to chase you.

  • Don’t Get Jealous

She might start trying to make you jealous to see how you will react. If she can make you feel jealous, then it will make her feel like she can win. If you get mad when another guy talks to her it will build her self-esteem, but it will also make her have the power over your emotions.

She knows that she can make you feel this way and if you don’t learn to ignore it and let her just have her fun, pretending that it doesn’t bother you, she will do things to make you more jealous. She might ask you about another guy that texts her or she might want to talk about her exes.

Instead of getting into these conversations, change the subject and she will hate that. Act like you aren’t bothered and even give her advice if you want to. She will want your attention strongly if you do this.

  • Don’t Text Right Back

Instead of texting her right away when she texts you, ignore her for a while. Don’t be someone that texts right back. Let her take time to start the conversation and when you have free time, talk to her.

Don’t be the one to always send the first text and don’t let her think that you are giving her all of your attention. She will want your attention because she will feel like she can’t get it. Wait for at least an hour to reply to her texts and show her that she isn’t the only person that you have in your life.

You don’t have to give her all of your attention and when she texts you and ignores you, do the same thing back. She won’t be able to stop texting you and she will want to start a conversation so that she can know what you are doing and if you miss her.

  • Ignore Her

When you see her at a bar or a club, let her come to you. Don’t be the first one to run up and say hi to her. Keep talking to your friends and as you ignore her, she will want to come and talk to you. She will keep looking at you until she realizes that she has to come to you first and then she will.

Of course, you never want to come across as rude, you just want to make sure that she is able to see that you aren’t going to be the one to chase. Smile at her and say hi and then see what goes from there.

  • Unreasonable Actions

It can be hard to ignore someone when they are mad, especially a woman. When you have one that is going to use her mouth as a weapon and is doing whatever she can to get a reaction out of you, ignore her.

If you find that she is throwing a fit for no reason, don’t get involved in it. Don’t let her put you down and think that she can talk to you any way that she wants. You can tell her that she is being unreasonable and if she chooses to not listen, ignore her.

She might be mad at something that you did, and she might lose it when she talks to you but the best thing that you can do is to remove yourself from the situation and don’t interact with her until she realizes that she is wrong and apologizes.

Let her explain why she acted that way but until she apologizes, don’t talk to her.

  • Be Busy

When you want to have someone chase you, you have to be busy. You can’t always be available for someone, or they will start taking advantage of you. Find the hobbies that you like to do and do them. Don’t let yourself get stuck by the feelings that you have for her and forget what you love to do.

Don’t get so tied up to her that you forget to do the things that make you happy. Of course, you don’t want to always ignore her or that will turn her away but if you are doing things and having fun and you always have to text her first or be on her time, change it and find a way to be busy.

She will want to be with someone that is living their best life and someone that might not have time for her. Even if you don’t believe it, you are going to be more interesting to her if you are busy and making her wonder if you’re ignoring her.

  • Keep Your Feelings Hidden

Don’t tell her what you are feeling for her right away and make her wait and see how you feel. You might be in situations where you want to tell her how you feel but if she feels that you are showing your feelings too early, she might walk away.

Don’t try to figure out what she is feeling right away and keep your emotions in check and stay cool until you have her chasing after you and you know what she wants.

When She Ignores What You Feel

When she ignores what you feel, ignore her back. Once you get done chasing her and you want to tell her how you feel, if she doesn’t have the same feelings, it can be hurtful. The best thing that you need to do in this situation is to walk away. Let her see that you can move on and that you don’t have to be part of her life.

This will be hard since you have feelings for her, but you will heal, and you will find someone else that you can be interested in. Once she realizes that she might have lost you, she might try and reconnect with you. Be careful about this.

When Not to Ignore a Woman

There are some times that you might not want to ignore someone that you like. Don’t ignore her if you see these things:

  • She is trying to put in effort of being in a relationship with you. If this happens and you ignore her, it will just cause her to want to be out of the relationship because you are playing with her feelings.
  • She tells you that she likes it when people are open about their feelings. If this happens, she wants you to tell her what you are feeling and thinking and not make her guess.
  • When you did something wrong to her. If you hurt her feelings or did something that upset her, don’t ignore her but admit your mistake and apologize.

Final Thoughts

You can’t ignore someone forever but if you learn to ignore someone at the right time and for the right reasons then you will see that you can win the girl over. Love isn’t just a game, but it is full of real feelings and emotions.

Make sure that you are guarding your heart form hurt and that you aren’t doing something that will cause heartbreak for yourself or for others. Once you make her chase you, learn how to catch her and how to get into a relationship together that is healthy.

When you are thinking about ignoring her to chase you, remember to not over do it and not to push her away.