How to Use Reiki Distance Healing

Distance Reiki

Do you ever feel stressed about life, or do you feel that you are anxious about something? Do you have family or relationship drama or feel down and out? Reiki is something that can balance your life and help you to feel at peace.

There are some people, many at that, who believe that you have to go into a Reiki place in order to get Reiki done but the truth is, Reiki is a form of healing that can be done at a distance.

What is Distance Reiki?

There are many different forms of healing and many people have turned to alternative ways like healing. Distance Reiki is one of these and this is when a Reiki practitioner channels energy from their own body over long distances to help bring healing to someone else. Reiki that is done in person happen when the practitioner puts his or her hands on the client and transfers energy, the Distance Reiki can be done by sending healing energy through space.

This is something that shows everyone that the universe is connected to everything. Energy is everywhere and if you believe that the universe is the center of all things then you will see that Reiki is something that can travel through physical spaces and not be held back by boundaries.

Distance Reiki is sometimes called Remote Reiki and when the practitioner sends healing energy to someone, it can be accessible to someone that is all away across the world. If you aren’t able to go to a Reiki session in person, using Distance Reiki can help you to relax, get rid of stress and find balance, just like you were there in person.

Why Does Distance Reiki Help?

Distance Reiki can help you to have healing in your life but there are so many other benefits such as:

  • Feeling comfortable: Since you are in your own home, you can feel relaxed and comfortable as your healing comes to you.
  • Accessible from anywhere: You can access Distance Reiki no matter where you are.
  • Safe: People that are afraid of getting sick from being around too many people might find Distance Reiki to feel safer because you don’t have to be around strangers or take a risk of picking up germs.
  • Effective: Distance Reiki is just as effective as doing Reiki in person.
  • Flexible: You can get Reiki done no matter what time it is or where you are without someone having to travel there or someone having to come to you.

Ends and Outs of Distance Reiki

The universe is full of energy and universal energy is connected to everything. Here is how this works:

  • The practitioner will set the intentions in order to send healing energy to the one getting the Distance Reiki.
  • The client needs to also set an intention in order to receive the energy.
  • The practitioner will use their visualization techniques to send the energy to the client.

When this happens, the client might feel that they are very relaxed or even feel a tingling in their body. This helps them to know that the energy is working. Of course, this isn’t an experience that everyone has and so if you don’t, it doesn’t mean it didn’t work.

Make sure that you find someone that is a Reiki practitioner and is qualified in doing Distance Reiki.

Distance Reiki

After you do the Reiki healing, you can see that this energy is effectively bringing healing. This includes symbols, time, space, intentions, visualization, and other techniques. Practitioners are able to visualize and connect with their clients as the energy moves from their body to the body of the client. This is a healing energy. By setting intentions beforehand, it can allow the energy to bring healing over distance and over space. Energy can travel beyond time and space and can connect with the client in a physical and not just spiritual way.

Kinds of Distance Healing

Here are some of the different kinds of Distance Reiki that is offered:

  • Proxy: This is when the practitioner will use something as a proxy like a pillow or a stuffed animal in order to transfer the energy to the client remotely.
  • Absentee: This happens when the practitioner has a client that gets the energy without there being any kind of contact with them or discussion about it.
  • Surrogate: This is a kind of Reiki where someone in the family or a friend gets the healing for the client.
  • Directly: When the Reiki practitioner and the client call each other as the energy is being sent to them.

No matter what kind of Distance Reiki you choose, this can be as effective as getting this done in person.

Using Energy Healing Remotely

Energy healing is something that is powerful, and everything is made up of energy. Using Distance Reiki is a powerful form of healing energy, and it can help to bring comfort to someone’s emotions, feelings, thoughts, body and even their spirit. It doesn’t matter where the person is or what they are doing, the practitioner can visualize the energy and the healing that is needed and send it to the client.

Sometimes this kind of energy healing can bring healing by reducing stress and anxiety, healing pain, helping the client to sleep better, bringing peace, and helping there to be balanced in their life.

Even though Reiki healing is something that isn’t conventional, there are many people that have reported that Reiki and Distance Reiki have made them feel better and that they have had positive effects from this kind of healing. If you want to have energy healing, you can talk to a psychic that can lead you down the right path of finding a Distance Reiki practitioner.