21 Powerful Things You Can Do to Show Someone You Love Them

Things You Can Do to Show Someone You Love Them

It is essential you never take the person you love for granted and to be the best possible partner for them.  When they succeed, the couple as a whole succeeds.  Here are a few tips to help you showcase your affection for the love of your life!

  1. Show up when they need help: No one is an island and we all need some help periodically.  If they are exhausted after a long day at work, be willing to cook (or at the very least pick-up) dinner.
  2. Check in on them in the morning and just before bedtime: Everyone wants to feel like they matter.  Sending a quick I love you text in the morning or just before bed, make them feel special and serve as great bookends to the day.
  3. Surprise them with thoughtful gifts: Your tokens of affection don’t have to cost much, or any, money.  Picking them up their favorite fountain drink or a bouquet of flowers can make them feel special and brighten up the toughest of days.
  4. Write love notes: These don’t have to be detailed, but it’s important to craft them mindfully.  Handwritten declarations of love can show them how grateful you are to have them in your life and remind them of what them so special on the days they are down.
  5. Play love songs: You might not be the best singer or know how to play an instrument, but you can play them “your song.”
  6. Drive them places: Sometimes a car can break down and leave your love one stranded.  Other times they might be having to go to a difficult appointment or meeting, and having your loving presence can fill them with strength.
  7. Gain their loved ones’ trust: If you truly love someone, its important to make an effort to have a close relationship with their family and friends.  By showing them you sincerely love, care for, and respect their special person you can gain a village of support for the tough times.
  8. Never stop dating: Even if you have been together for many years, its important to still feel like you are trying to woo and impress them
  9. Speak kindly: Everyone deserves respect.  When you can be gentle to them, even during moments of frustration, sadness, and anger it shows you love them and are on the same team.
  10. Honor their boundaries: Your lover has a mind and goals of their own.  You might not always understand or agree to them, but respecting their boundaries show how deeply you respect them and your future together.  Their success is your success.
  11. Never force them to share your interests: Everyone has freewill that must be respected.  Never use guilt trip or act physical aggressive towards them.  Honor their value system and unique interests.
  12. Introduce them to your loved ones: When you open your world to a person it shows them the true essence of you and make them feel like an integral part of your life.  Plus its fun to see how the relationships evolve between the people you love most independent of their relationship with you!
  13. Be honest and transparent: These are two core relationship attributes!  If you both want to feel truly secure in your love, empower them to trust you fully by being an open book and never lying to them.
  14. Love them for who they are: You should never be in a relationship with the goal of changing a person.  Never compare them to an ex or anyone else.  Embrace their quirks and honor how they make your love uniquely them!
  15. Share them with the world: Being proud of your partner is a sign of sincere love.  You should never feel like you have to hide them from other avenues in your life or society as a whole.  Even if you are more private people share your relationships joys on social media to a level you both are comfortable with.
  16. Don’t flirt: Loving someone means being faithful to them   Flirting with others can cause pain, insecurity and jealousy for your partner.
  17. Encourage their goals and dreams: Be your lover’s biggest cheerleader.  Walk with them side by side as they chase their dreams, and always make them feel like any goal is attainable.
  18. Be willing to grow: We should love people as they are, but still find ways of increasing healthy patterns or habits.  Do you have any traits that truly make them feel upset or uncomfortable that you can begin to change today?  Perhaps you are drinking too much, working crazy hours, or have a dated wardrobe.  Now is the time to begin making some long overdue self-improvements.
  19. Be positive, not a hinderance, in their life: Never feel like you are the only good thing in each other’s world.  Find a balance with the amount of time you spend together and the time you need alone.  Be willing to sacrifice the fun, light times if your partner needs to buckle down and finish a project or a chore.  Be willing to go on a diet or take part in a lifestyle change of their if it will help you both feel healthier.
  20. Grow in faith together: No matter your relationship, help your partner embrace their spiritual or religious side.  Consider going to church together, or maybe try meditating together.  Find what speaks to their soul and try to engage with it in a healthy manner.
  21. Love yourself: Its important to be a good partner, but in the words of RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself, how can you love anyone else.”  Make sure the obligations of the relationship don’t distract you from your needs and goals.  Loving yourself goes a long way in making sure you don’t accidentally form a codependent relationship.

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