5 Things to Do Before Visiting a Psychic Medium

5 Things to Do Before Visiting a Psychic Medium

Searching for answers about your most cherished one? The writer of “After This” offers guidance for heading into a medium session fully prepared.

Truth be told: Seeing a psychic medium was something I never thought I’d prescribe doing one day. As grief counselor with a master’s degree in clinical psychology and a background in hospice, I’d generally seen mediums as exclusively for the desperate and confused.

That changed in the spring of 2010. Following through on a promise I’d whispered to a dying friend in my mid-twenties, I booked a meeting with a popular psychic medium John Edward. What I experienced during that session turned into the start of the journey I plot in After This: When Life is Over Where Do We Go, a book about my inquiry to discover approaches to stay connected with our lost friends and family.

At this point, I’ve met about a dozen psychic mediums, including a small town in Florida made up exclusively of them (yes), and now trust a decent session with a medium can really benefit the grief procedure.

Before going for it, think about these five tips:

1. Review your present condition of grief.

Are you still overwhelmed by grief? Wishing there were means to bring your loved one back? Angry and depressed? Always weepy or sad? Be straightforward with yourself. If your answer was yes to any, look for individual or group counseling so as to discover stronger grounds before seeing a medium.

As indicated by both the mediums I’ve seen and my extra research, time is definitely not a serious factor in deciding if a dead individual will come through during a session. However, having that session before you’ve had sufficient time to handle the loss can lead to undue expectations.

  1. Pick the correct psychic medium.

They vary from celebrity to boardwalk scammers. Ask loved ones for suggestions (you’d be astonished by what number of individuals in your life have one). In case you’re curious about a renowned medium, have a look at their website. Regardless of whether you can’t have a session, they’ll presumably give a list of available alternatives.

Some psychics work with what is called “spirit circles,” in which they work with a vast room of members and give readings at random. No promises but it’s a good way to understand how the whole process works.it might also ease your expectations.

A private session guarantees your reading and is also good with privacy. Consider what feels right before making up your mind. I’ve have discovered that group readings are very cathartic; it comforts to realize you aren’t the only one in your desire to connect with a lost loved one.

Phone readings can be absolutely legit. It doesn’t appear to influence the medium’s process, and can at times leave you with a secure feeling knowing that the medium couldn’t read your physical traits.

  1. Spend time thinking about your loved one before the session.

Converse with them in your mind, disclose to them you’re going to see a medium, and request that they come through. Have the medium depict the procedure prior to. During the reading attempt to stay open and relaxed. In my first visits, I was so reluctant to reveal any details or even believe that what they were telling me was true; I was worried about the legitimacy of the experience.

In the end, I understood most mediums need some correspondence from you during a session. Trust me, many of them are too occupied to even think about sitting around Googling you in advance.

  1. Posses an open mind and low expectations.

some people have a great first ordeal and never come back, feeling they heard all that they needed to. if your very first session isn’t satisfying, I propose attempting it once more with an alternative medium.

Inquire whether you can record the session (I’ve done this on multiple occasions through an application on my phone) or take notes. a lot of information comes through that may not be easy to remember later. Furthermore, some of it may resonate at the time but be useful later.

Note: Not all mediums out there are great and this may result in a reading that doesn’t make sense. Don’t hesitate to voice your concerns during the session. Let them know whether something they’re saying doesn’t sound right. Furthermore, in the event that you get a terrible reading, don’t let it demoralize you from attempting again with another person.

  1. Take down notes on your initial thoughts and impressions as soon as you can.

Reading can be an emotional experience, therefore very crucial to review the process later from a less restrictive state cautiously select the people you do this with. For a few, seeing a medium raises entangled emotions or conflicts with certain beliefs and they might be judgmental or critical.

After the session, think about better approaches to remain in contact with your loved one. You might feel very open by knowing you can communicate with them. Go with it. Compose letters, speak with them loudly, hang more photographs around your home. If you didn’t have a great experience, don’t be discouraged.

In the end, try to enjoy the moment. Whatever you trust your beliefs are practice to always find ways for the dead to remain in our lives.

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