Are You a Lightworker? How to Know

Are You a Lightworker

A lightworker is a person that comes to the world and they share their light with others. They bring love to people and they help people to conquer fear and to get over the darkness in the world. Your lightworker might be your spiritual leader.

A lightworker will have strong vibrational frequencies and will connect better with the planet than other people do.

The lightworker has a soul and a mind that allows them to see beyond their being and into the spirit world.

The lightworker is not some weird healer and they are not full of hippy feelings and clothing, but they are people that you see each day.

These people can be teachers or cooks or singers. They might be moms or dads or even be psychics. They are creative and they love to work hard and take care of others. You might even find that they are artists or writers.

A lightworker comes to your life so that they can make a decision to bring light to your life. They let go of their ego and they want to help you do the same. With the ego comes fear and this is negative energy.

The lightworker wants to bring energy that is light and that comes from the universe to help you to find unconditional love.

When there is a dark energy, this causes there to be struggles and manipulation. This kind of feeling will separate you from the universe and not help you to find your higher self.

A lightworker is someone that wants to make the world a better place. They want to bring light to the world.

The lightworker will take their light and share it with everyone that they meet. They have a calling to act on their soul ideas and to not have fear. They do not need someone to make them feel good, but they have their own light.

Lightworkers often have incarnated and have been in service to others for many different lifetimes. They are awakened in their soul and they have a call to help to bring light to the world.

These are not people who are self-centered or rude, but they are real and able to connect with the world.

It is important to work your light and to do what you love. When you are a lightworker, if you feel bad or negative, work towards finding your light. Encourage others to live a better life and do not be negative.

Share your feelings and help others to connect with the universe and to find their light. Be loving and compassionate to others.

A lightworker wants to make the lives of others better. They want to raise their vibration and raise yours. They are conscious and they want to connect with others.

Lightworkers will work to be more sensitive and to pay attention to the energies around them. They will work on their feelings and will do what they can to change the world from violent to loving. They will get rid of fear and hate, and they will match their energies with light and love.

People are often in an unconscious state, and when this happens, reach out to Mother Earth to help you to have an awakening. Help the world awaken and learn to be a soul that leads others to light.

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