Aura Cleansing for Improved Mental Health

Cleansing for Improved Mental Health

Though we tend to forget, being healthy is one of the best ways to help us enjoy life. While we tend to focus this mostly on physical health, neglecting our mental and emotional health is also problematic. Keeping a healthy mind is almost as important as physical health when it comes to overall well-being. There are numerous ways to improve mental health, but the focus for this article is aura cleansing. This is the process of clearing and cleansing the aura or the energy field surrounding our body. We will review how an aura cleansing can be helpful, but first we must understand what the aura says about mental health.

The aura has several layers that contain important health information. Each layer is related to health on the physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual levels. The three layers then influence one another, so if you are physically ill, the other two layers can also be negatively impacted. Your aura has different colors with each of those colors indicating overall well-being and your state of mind. The color meanings are shared below.

  • Yellow – Emotional and spiritual happiness with positivity surrounding you
  • Pink – Feelings of compassion and love for others
  • Muddy Red – Negative energy of anger
  • Black (or darker shades in general)- Depression and exhaustion

An aura can also have holes caused by negative emotions and experiences. These puncture holes are where negativity has caused damage. Generally speaking, light and bright colors are positive and dark colors representative of negative energy. Since the aura is a protective shield against negativity, it is necessary to determine what factors affect the aura color.

Factors Negatively Affecting Auras

There are many factors that can affect mental health each day. Work related stress, poor eating habits, and even a lack of sleep are common issues that affect mental health. These factors further affect aura. Anything that brings negative energy into life, like toxic people, bad experiences, and problems can also cause a block or imbalance in the aura. When there is an imbalance, you may end up overly tired, anxious, and depressed which brings in more negative energy. The good news is that both energy and aura are in constant change. Even if damage exists, it will not last long. Still, one of the most effective ways to keep the aura healthy is through aura cleansing. The aura is essential to healing mentally because it helps generate health. First you must change the energy within the aura and then the health you desire will be created.

Aura Cleansing

There are ways to do self-aura cleansing and one of them is through meditation. This will bring your mind into balance and cleanse the aura. It allows for mindfulness and aids in coping with the challenges in life. Start by visualizing the ridding of negative energy that surrounds you. Do breathing exercises and focus on relaxing your mind. Then, imagine a white light engulfing you as it flows through your body. Allow this light to remove the negative energy and replace it with positive. As this happens, know you are protected from negative energy and welcoming to the positive.

Another option is to cleanse through smudging which removes unwanted energy in the body and home. The easiest way is to light white sage and rotate the sage in a circular motion around the body and home. Open your doors and windows to let the negative energy out as your aura clears.

Another wonderful and simple way to cleanse the aura is to take a cleansing bath with salt or lavender that calms the mind, body, and spirit. Sea salt is always best because it has earth and water elements that will leave you stable, centered, and calm.

Try improving mental health and cleansing the aura to stay physically healthy. Make changes in your daily habits to eat well, get exercise, and get plenty of sleep. This will not only improve physical health, but make you feel better about yourself.

Though these tips are helpful, the best aura cleansing is from a professional. The aura is delicate and a skilled professional can do the best job. Learn some positive mantras or affirmations to help keep your aura cleansed or try crystals to keep the positivity flowing. A professional can help you choose and also determine the causes of any imbalances or blockages that need cleared. There are many ways to cleanse the aura and keep it healthy. A healthy aura is essential for all forms of well-being and positivity.

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