Being a Superhero as an Empath


Some people will talk about being an empath and this can mean that they have deep feelings and emotions. The deep emotions that they have can cause them to have both ups and downs.

Maybe you have someone that says they are an empath and then you see that you have the same feelings, sensitivities and emotions that they have and you might wonder if you are an empath as well.

An empath is someone that feels the emotions of others and they feel that they have a stronger sense of energy than other people have. They can tell when someone is upset, sick or bummed out without ever being told.

Even though some wonder what kind of power this is, it can actually be a great superpower. But being an empath is not always easy. Just like a sponge, an empath soaks up the feelings and emotions around them. This means that when someone is negative around them, they will feel the negativity. These feelings can bring about anxiety and stress and many mood swings.

On the good side though, an empath is able to help others and to even make their own life better.

Using Your Empath Power as a Superhero

Here are some things that an empath does:

Sensitive to Vibrations

An empath will be sensitive to the vibrations of others both good and bad. They can look at the vibes and the emotions and they can get information without ever being told. This can help the empath to make good decisions.

Your life is about relationships and once you are able to read people you can make better relationship decisions. An empath can tell if someone is lying, honest, kind, caring or mean.

Stress and Anxiety

As an empath, you will be able to know a problem is going to happen before it even happens. You will be able to pick up the energies of a room or of people.

If you start to feel tension in a room, you will be able to stop the situation from going any further before you see a fight break out or before the peace explodes.

Knowing Feelings

Empaths are able to know the feelings of others. This is stronger when you know someone that is around you. You will be able to tell if your friend is sad, upset or if something is going wrong.

You might upset someone accidently and you will be able to know that you hurt them. This can help you to be able to communicate with them and make things right quickly.

Knowing Tension

Another thing empaths are able to pick up on is tension. They will be able to know when tension is in the room rather, they are involved in it or not. When you work, you can tell if there is tension in the workplace or you can tell when there is tension at home.

An empath will be able to look at the anxiety in the room and to see if they can help to make things peaceful in the workplace.

What Can Go Wrong?

An empath can use their power to know that something is going to go wrong. They will be able to know that something bad is coming up before it ever does.

If you are an empath, you can tell if the environment needs to have a change for the better. You can take challenges and face them.


Empaths are able to use their abilities to increase their own intuition. They can know when something bad is going to happen and this can help them to prepare ahead of time.

When a relationship is on the rocks or when a job is not going the best, the empath can take time to figure things out before things totally fall apart. This helps them to be able to heal any wounds and to prepare for whatever the future holds. This can also be a learning experience for the empath.

Solving Problems

Empaths can use their abilities to solve problems. When their emotions are strong and they have to deal with them, they will see that they can solve the problems around them.

If someone close to you feels stressed, anxious or depressed, the empath can help them to work through these things. This can be rewarding for both the empath and the other people around them.

Loving and Caring

There is a difference between being aware of something and actually being able to understand what is going on. An empath will be able to use their emotions to show love and care to others. This means that they will be able to be compassionate and to share hope when things seem hopeless.

This will be a natural thing that the empath can do. Being an empath can make someone an overall better person.