What is Twin Flame Telepathy?

Twin Flame Telepathy

Twin flame telepathy is when you are able to communicate with your twin flame in your soul and mind. This is a power that forms a bond even when you aren’t together. No matter what you need to do with your telepathy, you can experience something new with them.

Communicating with your twin flame telepathy can help you to reach your goals in your relationship.

Signs of Twin Flame Telepathy

You can tell that you are doing twin flame telepathy by looking at different signs. Here are some of the signs:


This is part of your twin flame telepathy. If you have strong intuition, you will know things deep down. You have the psychic powers to increase your intuition and this is something that you cannot even explain.

As you go through your twin flame journey, you will see that your intuition will get stronger, especially after you meet them. You will know what they are trying to tell you without even saying words.

Of course, your mind uses your senses and as you encounter your twin flame, the senses will be stronger. The person will probably not be someone you are used to being with and they will be someone that you wouldn’t normally be with.

Your twin flame energies will come to you and will attract them to you and you will feel like this was a match that was strong and important. You will know what is going on with your twin flame and you will be able to tell that a separation is close.

A twin flame relationship will be hard, and it can mean that there are things going on that are not fun, and you might even have to cut the relationship for a while and take a break. You will reunite but there might not be any signs right not that this is going to happen soon for either of you.

Thoughts and Feelings

You will be able to pick up the thoughts and feelings from your twin flame because you are an empath and have strong gifts. You will know when they are sad, upset, happy or angry without talking to them.

You will be able to read their thoughts and it will give you a meaning you aren’t used to. You will even be able to physically feel what they are feeling, and this is what makes your relationship so strong. This person will recognize when emotions are changing in you as well.

The connection will be so strong that you will know when your twin flame is happy and healthy. You will see that you can talk to them, and you will even know when they are sleeping. You won’t be able to explain the emotions that you are feeling when your twin flame is the one really feeling them but you will still be happy that you share this connection.


Many people that are in a twin flame relationship dream the same dreams. They are able to tell each other their dreams because they experienced them first hand. Even though you can control your thoughts sometimes, you cannot control your dreams.

When you are awake, you might wonder what they are doing but when you are sleeping you will be together with your twin flame and you will know that whatever is going on, you are sharing it. They will dream of the same things that you are dreaming and when you don’t know what is going on with them, your dreams will tell you.

The dreams will likely be very vivid and full of energies. You will see that you will reunite your soul with theirs and maybe you will sleep at peace knowing that your twin flame will show up in your dreams.

Connecting with Each Other

This will be a time where you connect with each other, likely at the same time. You will call each other at the same time or you will text at the same time. It will be the exact moment and you will know that this is a sign that you are with your twin flame and that telepathy is working with you both.

Being with your twin flame leaves you with a strong feeling of love and when you aren’t together, you will have the same intentions of connecting with each other. You might even be sitting there doing nothing and they come to your mind to call and then they call you before you can even get the number dialed.

Mind Conversations

You can have mind conversations by using telepathy with your twin flame. You don’t have to talk on the phone or even in person for this to work, you don’t even have to talk at all. This can be a conversation that happens in both of your minds.

This does not mean you have a mental illness; it means that you are telepathic and that you can use it to communicate with your twin flame. You will know the emotions that they are having and you will be able to know what they are wearing by letting images come to your mind.

Send your twin flame a message and let them know what you are feeling and they will do the same to you.

When you feel like your twin flame is trying to tell you something, open up your mind and know that they are. When they are talking to you, they will address you. Don’t try to be logical, just believe it.

Cravings Out of Nowhere

There will be times that you will crave food out of nowhere. These are cravings that come from your twin flame. They will have just eaten that food or they are thinking about the same food as you and this is what causes your cravings.

When you can’t get this out of your mind, go out and get the food that you are craving and see how this can manifest more emotions into your twin flame relationship.

Having the Same Tastes

You and your twin flame will likely like the same things and have the same tastes in people, things you like to do and even foods. You will love doing the same things and when you are together, you will enjoy doing them together. These are things you will even enjoy when you aren’t together.

You might like the same music, the same colors, the same hobbies and share the same values. This is part of your soulmate relationship and is part of your twin flame telepathy. When your twin flame is trying to give you a message, you might hear a song when you go into a store or you might hear a voice telling you something. Since they are the other half of your soul, they can do this and even send you mind images.

Sending Others to Communicate

Some twin flames can connect with other people telepathically and these people might come to you with a message. When your twin sends a message through another person, it can confirm what you are feeling.

Don’t doubt that your partner is reaching out to you because it will be impossible to deny when someone comes and confirms it to you. Your soul will have different doubts but you need to make sure that you are doing the best that you can.

Sometimes you might need a mediator to come between you and your flame and when this happens, embrace it as part of your relationship. Know that the universe is trying to give you what you need.

Facts About Twin Flame Telepathy

Here are some facts about twin flame telepathy:

  • Twin flame telepathy goes both ways. Some believe this is one sided and it isn’t. Either twin flame can telepathy their partner.
  • This is twin flame mentality.
  • Imagining things are important during this.
  • You are having a divine connection.
  • The connection is not just physical but mental.
  • Before you have a physical encounter with your twin, you will already know that they are coming for you.
  • You will recognize your soulmate without ever meeting them.
  • When they come into your life, they will be familiar to you.
  • You will have an instant karmic bond.
  • You and your twin have searched for each other before you came to the earth.
  • Telepathy starts before you meet them.
  • You will experience the same things.
  • Intuition will be strong.
  • Telepathy happens most during separation phase.
  • You will communicate most when you are not together.
  • You will have intense passion.
  • Your emotions will be strong.
  • You will find a way back to each other eventually.
  • There can be a runner and a chaser.
  • You have to develop who you are to make your journey complete.
  • Even if you are separated from your twin flame you are still together telepathically.
  • Telepathy makes the separation easier.
  • Telepathy gets stronger over time.
  • As you get closer to your journey your telepathy will increase.
  • Your twin flame reunion helps you to read each other’s mind.
  • There will be long-distances, but you will still communicate.
  • You will focus on each other.
  • Separation is common.
  • Telepathy means you have a strong union.
  • This can mean you have went through your spiritual awakening.
  • You will have a powerful bond.
  • The mind and ego will not be able to take over.
  • Telepathy is what makes the twin flame reunion work.
  • Everything you experience will cause you to have more communication.
  • When the soul suffers, telepathy communication is a must.
  • There will be doubt in the journey.
  • There will be a lot of questions.
  • You won’t understand the beginning of the journey.
  • You might think you are imaging in your telepathy.
  • You wonder if you are obsessing over your twin flame.
  • You are scared of holding on to the relationship.
  • You wonder if telepathy is a fantasy.

Subconscious Level of Telepathy

Your journey will be full of subconscious thinking. This will be a time where you need to use your mind and let go of your ego to make sure that the relationship can work out.

How to Have Twin Flame Telepathy

Twin flame telepathy can come to you when you have an open heart and your chakras are balanced. Here are some ways that you can have twin flame telepathy:

Astral Projection and Dreaming

In astral projection and dreaming you can reach your twin flame.  Sleeping is one of the best ways that twin flame telepathy happens for you. After you fall asleep, you will go into REM sleep and this is a time where you might have vivid dreams.

When you wake up, try to write down what you dreamed and see if you dreamed about your twin flame. You need to make sure that you get good sleep so that you can make this happen.


Meditation is a way that you can reach your twin flame telepathy. You can meditate and see what works best with you. Your chakras should be opened when you meditate, and this can bring you balance.

Kundalini meditation can help you with your awakening and you can open yourself up to being more successful in your telepathic communication.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction means that you can bring things into your life by sending them out to the universe. You can use the Law of Attraction to bring your twin flame close to you.

This might not be easy but as you get rid of things in your life that are distracting you, get in touch with who you are and let your energy field be strong. Imagine the messages that you want to send them and then do it.

Use the brain power that you have and embrace your telepathy with your twin flame and you can see that you can make this stronger each day. This happens to only some twin flames and so if it is happening with you, embrace it and be excited.