Being in a Female-Led Relationship

Female-Led Relationship

Relationships have changed over the years and things are no longer considered to be the same kind of normal. Many women have jobs and other responsibilities that men once were in charge of, but women have changed.

Women don’t have traditional household roles and relationships like they once had and some women are very dominate in their relationships. If you find that you are in a female-led relationship, this can mean that you are a dominant personality.

Women and Relationships

Changing the relationship roles and responsibilities has come over time. You need to look at what both the woman and the man play as roles in the relationship. If you are a woman and you are more dominate, chances are that you make the decisions in the home.

Women will bring different things to the relationship that a man will bring such as:

  • Having strong empathy.
  • Being compassionate.
  • Having strong sensitivity.
  • Able to face problems head on.
  • Very nurturing.
  • Strong intuition.
  • Understanding of their emotions.
  • Persuasive.
  • Inclusive.

Men are able to have these personality traits just like women do but most of the time it is important for the man to be strong, courageous and even assertive at times. It is important that when you are in a relationship that you figure out which traits are playing a part in the relationship.

Male Versus Female Led Relationships

Men are most likely going to be physically stronger and more dominant than the soman in the relationship. This is something that has been seen time and time again and all through history. Most of the time, the man is the one that makes the decisions and brings home the finances for the family.

But with the 20th century, things have changed and women stopped being as submissive as they used to be. Women have gotten women’s rights and have evolved and changed over time, becoming equal with the male figure.

Some relationships still like the male-led relationship but there are many women that are becoming more dominant in the relationship and this is leading to a female-led relationship.

Understanding a Female-Led Relationship

This is the kind of relationship where the woman is more dominant in their personality than the male. This can be in a relationship where the men don’t care what society says about them. They understand that their female is strong and it doesn’t make them feel threatened.

This is a great relationship for those that have women that are the breadwinners. They will want to work towards their career goals and they will still take on some of the household responsibilities such as cooking and taking care of the children. But sometimes the women will give many of these roles to the male or they will even hire out to get these household needs met.

This can be a woman that makes all of the financial situations work together or it could be a woman that even chooses to work from home. There might be more balance in some female-led relationships than others, but there are no rules when it comes to this.

Rules of Female-Led Relationships

A non-traditional relationship can be hard but you have to learn to have boundaries. There should be open communication and clear rules in what is understood within the relationships. Sometimes these are more traditional relationship rules but it can depend on what the partners want.

If you want to understand this kind of relationship more, here are some rules that many follow:

  • Have balance: Make sure that if the woman is more dominant that there is balance so that they can be peace and harmony. This means that there are responsibilities of both in making the decisions.
  • Talk it out: Make sure that you talk to each other and that you aren’t the only one expressing your needs and thoughts.
  • Make traditional roles work: If you are looking to work towards this kind of relationship, make sure that you have boundaries about what you aren’t willing to do in the relationship and what you should expect out of it.

Levels of Female-Led Relationships

There are different things that describe a non-traditional relationship including different levels. All of these relationships can look different, and some are helpful for both partners. When there isn’t a balance though, this has to be a choice.

Level 1

This is a level of where the woman has some control but it is more balanced. This allows both of the partners to make decisions in the relationship.

Level 2

In this level, the woman takes more responsibility, and she isn’t the only one making decisions. Men that want to have a partner that is more dominant might like this kind of relationship.

Level 3

This is a higher and more defined level. This is when the woman is mostly in control of the relationship and she is the one that makes the money while the husband takes on the traditional feminine roles.

Level 4

This is the highest level, and this is when the female has total control over the relationship. She takes care of the finances and everything else in the relationship. She is likely controlling and dominant.

Why Choose a Female-Led Relationship?

There are many reasons that people choose this kind of relationship. As long as you are communicating with each other, you can find out what a woman that is dominant needs. Sometimes men are more submissive and want to have a woman that is more dominant.

It is important that both partners figure out what they can benefit from this kind of relationship such as:

  • Less conflict: As long as there are boundaries then this relationship can have less conflict.
  • More talking: Make sure that the roles are open and there is a way for both partners to express what they want and need.
  • Freedom: In this kind of relationship the woman has more control over the finances, what kind of job she wants to do and the hobbies that she loves. She is in control, and she has more freedom.
  • Decision making: This can be something that is equal, or it can allow for less conflict if the woman makes the decisions.
  • Intimacy can be better when there is a female-led relationship. She will choose when she wants the sex and what kind she is wanting to have.

Problems with These Relationships

There can be some problems with these kinds of relationships even if there are benefits. This can happen when you need to change the dynamics of the relationship. Make sure that if there are issues that come up that you are ready to face them head on and that you are ready to make changes necessary to keep the relationship strong:

  • When they are not comfortable being submissive: This can happen when the woman tries to be in control. You can try the level 1 where the female is giving more power and there is a balance.
  • Judgement will come in this kind of relationship and people will talk about how the woman is in control and the man is not doing what he should do.
  • Your partner might not understand how to keep up the house or take care of the children because he has never done this before.
  • Mothering: Sometimes these kinds of relationships tend to be more mothering and the male might feel that he is living with his mother which can make things seem toxic in the relationship.

Choosing a Female-Led Relationship

When there is a female-led relationship, it can work out depending on what kind of ideas that you have. Not everyone wants to live in the traditional gender roles and if you and your partner decide that you want to do this, make sure that you have open communication.

Move through the relationship slowly and discuss the different dynamics of the relationship. Always be open minded with each other and find out what works best for both partners.