Chakras as a Road Map

Chakras as a Road Map

So many people spend a great deal of their lives wondering what they are supposed to be doing. They try to figure it out and wish for a way to navigate life experiences. One aspect that can help us navigate is the chakra system. It is like a road map that covers internal and external aspects of the world. They can offer us a perspective on each and every experience. In the remainder of this article the chakras will be discussed for those who already know the basics of chakras. Keep in mind that chakras are energy and the only way to understand them is to spend time working with them. They apply to all we do and offer a different level of perspective. Being able to see how difference frequencies from energetic beings can affect experience is helpful. We can move our level of consciousness up or down, not needing to be on the highest levels at all times.

Condo and Levels of Consciousness

  • Root – Physical level
  • Sacral – Emotional level
  • Solar Plexus – Ego level
  • Heart – Social level
  • Throat – Creative level
  • Third Eye – Global level
  • Crown – Universal level
  • Earth Star and Soul Star – Unified level of consciousness (modern chakras, not well known)

When going through life in our condo of consciousness, our daily physical life focuses on the root chakra. These physical experiences can be magnified and resolved when viewed through the chakra level. As we experience things through each new layer, it adds up. Take a relationship with your spouse for example.

  • Root Chakra – The physical ranges from intimacy to financial security
  • Sacral Chakra – Emotional experiences range from how you feel about yourself with regard to your spouse, how you feel about your spouse, and emotions experienced together
  • Solar Plexus – The ego experience is how you view yourself in the relationship as far as roles you play and mental activities
  • Heart Chakra – The social experience is how you interact with others in regard to the relationship and how much love is brought to the relationship
  • Throat Chakra – The Creative experience is where you create your life through spoken words and how you speak about it to others
  • Third Eye Chakra – The global experience is how you see yourself in relation to the world and how you are as a couple
  • Crown Chakra – The unified experience is how you see yourself, your spouse, and others through the source

Though this is a simplified version of a journey through the chakras, hopefully it clarifies what it means and how they help you navigate the journey. Work on what needs help in the moment and build upon each experience.

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