Clearing Your Energy

Clearing Your Energy

Living your life is great and there are different physical things that we have to clean and take care of such as a garden, a house, the closet and most importantly, your body.

You must understand that there are things that need cleansed and cleared. Energies are both metaphysical and physical and the energy is meant to be strong and powerful and to always be moving through your body.

The physical world is full of energy and if we want to have strong energy and health, we have to take care of things.

Giving care and attention to things and giving things order can help you to have good things come out of it and not allow bad things to creep in. A garden needs to be tended to not have weeds and your business has to be tended or it will not make it.

The body is the most important thing that needs taken care of and you have to make sure that you do this in or to be healthy and strong. If you choose not to give your body food, water, and exercise, you will have a hard time having the divine energy.

You have to understand that your energy will flow, and you have to know how to work with it and how to cleanse the energy so that it can make you feel stronger and healthier.


When you plant a garden and you do not take care of it, it will not make it. You have to work hard to clear things out of the garden such as rocks and weeds. When you do this, it will allow your seeds o grow and will allow you to have a beautiful and healthy garden.

The same thing happens with your energy. You have to clear out the negative things out of your life in order to have a healthy mind and body.

Maybe you need to take a walk-in nature or have a break. Maybe you need to spend time alone and get rid of the negative feelings that you have. What is happening in your mind? Pay attention to the feelings you have and realize that these feelings can give you peace and happiness in both your life and in your relationships.

When you clear your energy, you learn to see what is happening inside of you. You think of your life and you know that you have free will, but what have you done with this? Have you allowed negative feelings to fill your life or have you become stuck? There might be things that you need to remove.

Cleansing Your Energies

Cleansing your energy does not just happen once. You have to learn to maintain your body and your mind and to deal with your emotions daily. You have to learn to manage your feelings and to get rid of things in your life that cause you to feel bad or cause you to not be happy.

You have to clear your energies on a daily basis, especially if you are sensitive. You must have boundaries and learn to manage where you go and who you are around. Learn to understand your cleansing practices and to get rid of things that you do not need in your life.

Cleansing Practices

There are different ways you can get rid of negative energies and some of the best ways are to believe in something bigger than yourself. Learn to take time to meditate and to get rid of things that are holding you back.

Take baths and add Epsom salt to your bath and use candles and crystals to meditate with. You have to learn to have a relationship with your energies and to show interest in them. Get rid of negative energies and have fun while doing it.

If you have a special clearing practice that you love such as yoga or walking in nature, do it. This can help you to get rid of negative things in your body.

The more you clear your negative energies, the better you will feel. You can find new ideas and do your own techniques that can make you feel better in your life.

Cleansing Ideas

There are different ways that you can get rid of your negative energies and create a positive space in your life. Learn to fill your space with positive things and take action to get rid of energies that are not good for you.

Different techniques can be used to clear negative energies out of your life and to allow you to focus on what is important. Make sure that you are doing things that can make you feel better such as burning sage or using essential oils.

You have to understand your energy and your body and know what is best for you.

When you do an energy clearing, make sure that you journal the ones that work the best for you and journal your emotions and experiences.


One way to clear your energy is to move around. Getting physical can help you to get rid of negative energy that is sticking around. You can do fast or slow movements. You can use yoga or go for a run.

Dancing and walking can be very powerful, or you can stand still to cleanse your energies.

Mountain Pose

Doing the mountain pose, yoga, can help you to get rid of your negative energies. You can rock on your heels and toes and put the weight to your feet. Make sure you are even, and you tighten your leg muscles and lift up your waist. Allow your lungs to expand and keep your chin high and your head tilted back.

Take deep breaths while you are doing this pose.


Go for a walk-in nature and go barefoot. You can do this to get rid of negative energies in your mind. Let your feelings be deep and learn to have good posture while you walk. When you let your feet touch the ground, push the negative energies out.

Walking can help you to be strong and to have good posture. Pay attention to your body when you are walking. Let your body talk to you. If you bend forward, pay attention to what you are doing.

Walking is good to get rid of negative energy and is something that is easy to do. You can chant or say a mantra while you are walking, and you can do this to release negative energies. Repeat these things to yourself while you are walking and let your anxiety release.


Dancing can use natural energy and can help you to feel happy and full. This can cleanse your energies and can help you to feel strong.

Maybe you want to go to a club or just dance at a party. Maybe you turn on some music in your house and dance to your own music. Dancing can be with people or alone and it can be fun and can help your body to move.

The more you dance, the more natural it comes to you.

Make sure that you have positive intentions when you are dancing and focus on getting rid of the negative energy in your life. Learn to trust your body and pay attention to how your dancing makes you feel.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a practice that makes you mindful and helps you to cleanse your aura. This can help you to hold poses for a long period of time and can help you to have deep strength. This can allow you to release energy that is negative and can help you to get rid of bad emotions.

When you move your body, you move out the energies that have been there for a long time. Being still for a long time can cause you to have anxiety and so moving your body can help your energy to flow perfectly.


Sound can help to raise your vibrational frequencies. This can get rid of negative energy and help you to work on yourself and on others. Always remember your intentions and do this when you pay attention to each musical instrument, each rattle, each drum, each bell, and all of the energy that you feel.

Do not buy something fancy to play, just use what you have in your house. Make your own rattle with seeds and a milk container or play the drums on the table.

Use sound to clear out stagnant energy and to bring light to your life. This can help make you gracious and strong.

Water Based

Water is another thing that can cleanse you. Take a bath, go swimming, or drink some water to help make you healthy and strong.


Taking a bath or washing your hands and face can help you to have stronger energies. Do this with a specific purpose in your mind.


Use essential oils in your water and allow the oils to soak in. Do not use them if you are pregnant but know that essential oils can help you to heal and to relax.

Use crystals in water and let them infuse and use them to cleanse your area of negative emotions. Make sure that you know if your crystal can go in water or not.

Salt can be used to cleanse you and you can use it in your bath to help you feel better.

Use the sun to infuse your life and to help you to be cleansed. Go out into the sun and let the rays infuse your body. While you are in the sun, think of the things that are negative in your life and things you can change. You can also go out into the moon and it can help you to release negative energies.

If you are washing your hands or your whole body, you can use herbs in your bath and find different soaps that can help you.


Visual meditation can help to clear negative energies out of your body. The chakras are there to help you have energy and you need to make sure that your chakras are balanced and strong.

Those that do energy work need to make sure their chakras are unblocked. Each chakra is associated with a color:

  • Crown-violet
  • Third eye-indigo
  • Throat chakra-blue
  • Heart chakra-green
  • Solar Plexus-yellow
  • Sacral Chakra-orange
  • Root chakra-red

When these chakras are blocked, it can cause you to be sick and to have no energy. One of the best ways to get rid of negative energy out of your chakras is to visualize a white light surrounding you. You can also imagine different colored lights depending on which of your chakras are blocked.

Move through all of the different colors and let the colors cleanse your chakras. Imagine water pouring down over your body and into each and all of the chakras until they are all clean and shiny.


You can use fire to get rid of your negative energies. Visualize fire all around you and this can be powerful.


One of the best ways to get rid of negative energy with fire is to burn small pieces of paper. Write down things that are hurtful to you and burn them.


Use candles and imagine the negative energies leaving with the smoke of the candle. Let the energy enter your body and when you blow out the candle or let it burn until it is gone, allow the negative energies to leave at the same time.


Use visual meditation by imagining a white light flowing over you. Be comfortable while you mediate and imagine the light embracing you. Breathe deeply and allow the energy to leave and your body and soul to be cleansed. Inhale and exhale slowly and keep the energy harmonized.

Get rid of your frustration and your negative feelings. This is a fast way to get rid of negative energies.


Air is one of the best cleansing methods because it is always there. You can breathe in and out and this can cleanse your area.


Use sage smudging which is smoke from a certain herb or other thing. You can use sage and burn it so that you can cleanse the areas around your home from negative energies.

This can be something that you do every day. Light incense and burn it in every corner of your home. Let the smoke enter your area and cleanse your spaces.


Breathing in and out can help to cleanse your body from negative feelings and emotions. This can make you feel better and successful in your life.

Focus on the negative feelings you have and imagine yourself making a space. Breathe in deep and let the air out slowly. Do this for three seconds and then exhale for five seconds. Hold your breath and repeat.

This gives you energy and allows you to break way from things that are holding you back. This can get rid of your negative energy and can help you to have a clear space.


Another thing you can do is to think of things in your mind. Think of things that have brought you negative feelings such as your job, being on the phone too much, not reaching your goals or whatever you are feeling.

When you feel that you cannot be productive, begin to think about the air around you and cleanse it. Allow yourself to get rid of the negative energies and to clear your mind. Stop allowing the demands of life to make you crazy and take time to relax and to think about positive things.

There are different articles on how to do this, but the best way is to think about what makes you happy and to focus on positive things. Put your phone down for an hour and do not answer emails right away. Know that the projects will still be there, and you can get back to them later.

Do the same thing for your laptop and desktops. Make a to-do list and then do it later. Clear your mind and clear your area and allow yourself to relax and rest.

Clear your work area and put everything away until the weekend is over. Do not have your phone out and do not look at different things but spend time with those you love. Getting rid of these things, even just for a moment can bring you calmness and get rid of stress.

Having a strong energy level in your life can help you to feel better and to not be overwhelmed in your life.


When you are feeling dizzy or flighty, you need to get rid of negative energy. You can do this by releasing the negative energy into nature.


There are many cleansing crystals and you can use crystals on your body, wear them, put them in your pocket or have them in the areas that you are at. Use different stones and the best ones are grounding stones.

Make a small collection that you can keep and have whenever you need to cleanse your chakras or your aura or when you need protected.


Trees and nature can help to cleanse you of negative energy. Go outside and sit by a tree, hug it, play in the dirt, or just touch the ground. Do whatever you can to feel closer to nature and to get rid of your negative energy.


Hold your pet or play with it. When you do this, it can help you to be calm. This calms the body and the mind and can help to get rid of negative emotions. When you interact with your pet, it allows the negative energy to settle and brings in positivity.


Take a nap and this can help to refresh you and get rid of negative feelings. You have to get rid of emotions and mental feelings that you have after having a long day. Allow your mind to rest and your body and this can help you to feel better and calm down.


Spirit practices can help you to get rid of bad energy.


Take time to say a prayer and talk to your spirit guides. You can do this, and it can help you to get rid of unwanted energies. This can also help you to be stronger in your faith. If you need to get rid of bad memories or feelings, connect with your higher power.

Doing Good

Go out and do good things. Doing this can help to get rid of negative feelings and emotions. When you do good things for others, you get rid of things such as selfishness, negative feelings, anger, and you allow yourself to forgive others.

This kind of energy can leave a deep mark in you and can help you to shape your behavior for the better. This can heal you and help others at the same time. Making helping others and doing good deeds a habit.

If you need to get rid of negative energy or to heal in your body or mind, do something kind for others and the universe will appreciate that.

Once you learn to cleanse your area, learn to keep it that way. Make sure that you are doing your real purpose and that you are taking care of yourself.


Try the techniques listed above to get rid of negative or unwanted energy. Make sure that you write down which of the techniques you liked the most and which ones helped you the most.

If you want to keep negative energy gone and you want to make sure you are strong in your body, soul, and mind, write down what helps you the most.

Figure out which ones you have never used and figure out why. Maybe you can give them a try. Do ones that help you move forward often and try some that you have never tried before, and you might be surprised at how powerful it makes you feel.

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