Daily Spiritual Power to Transform Your Life

Spiritual Power

If your life is in need of change and you are actively seeking it, you must be the one to create it. You create your own reality. This includes your future happiness, fulfillment, and joy because it does not depend on others. All of these things depend only on you. The thing is that it is not necessary for you to make a plan or control every aspect of exactly how things will change or work out in the end. Leave the ultimate transformation and actual manifestation to the divine and the spirit of the universe, but you have a part to play as well, you must believe change is possible and will occur. The best way to make sure this transformational change will actually occur is through the use of spiritual practices in your life, ideally, every day.

While everyone’s spiritual routine is unique, a common one may include:

  • An affirmation prayer upon awakening: “Thank you universe for the positive, amazing, and successful day that lies ahead. I know it will be even better than yesterday and I am ready to accept.” Some may also choose to thank their guides, angels, partners, and children as part of this affirmation prayer.
  • After the prayer has grounded you and allowed you to become centered, confidently go about your day. Dress as if it is a highly important day as a way to lift your energy and be prepared no matter what.
  • Take time to study a few pages or a chapter in a spiritual book of your choosing. IF you prefer, a self-help book can also be helpful, whatever calls to you. Do not speed read, but really take in the information on the page so it can be applied to your life. This is a way to open your mind and create wisdom as well as positive self-growth.
  • You could then take time for gratitude and affirmations. Daily affirmations are an imperative in a spiritual life as they can change your whole day with just a moment’s thought. Choose an affirmation that works for your life and situation, everyone will be different. Take the extra step and time to jot down your daily affirmation in a journal and write out some positive feelings or energies it inspires when spoken.
  • Added to affirmations is a time for gratitude and the counting of blessings. This can be done once or twice a day as a reminder. Try to give thanks for at least five things, though this will be a struggle some days, keep going. If you get stuck, start with the basics, like the ability to see and having ten fingers and toes. Some may even choose to do this twice daily with the first session being about things you are currently thankful for and the second being things you are thankful for that have not yet manifested. Never be afraid of being overly gracious or think that anything is beyond reality. Always remember that if you have faith, anything is possible.

As you plan your spiritual routine, keep in mind it may cause you to make other changes, like getting up earlier or planning ahead so other necessary things get completed on time as well. Still, it can change your life for the better in dramatic, positive ways.