Do cursed charts exist?

Do cursed charts exist?

Several individuals have informed me before their astrology reading that they possess a cursed chart. This comment makes my heart skips a beat I ask, “Do you want to say that your stars are aligned in such a manner that there is no sign of you having joy, love, success, and happiness?” and at a times an individual just nods, “Yes that’s it. My astrologer told me my chart was cursed.” This situation can’t be true because this individual might have been exposed to a psychic attack.

In the first instance, I have never come across a doomed, helpless chart after reading and studying more than 10,000 charts. There exist difficult charts and we know some individuals have very hard lives. There are certain times in an individual’s life that their charts reflect planetary stress. During such moments an individual is likely to feel punished and it’s a time of very intense testing. All these are true, however, when the planetary stress eventually abates, life situation can improve.

Specialists from India where people are really into the culture of astrology have said that they have dealt with very challenging charts to show how spiritual strength can excel under difficult situations. Very few of us are on the path of spiritual transformation, however, the wisdom is essential to all of us. The key to better times and experiences are in your chart.

There is a more serious situation where an individual is informed that their chart is under a spell. This is a psychic attack. This happens when an individual gains access to your subconscious with or without your permission and you hear something that under powers you in a suggestible state.

There are terrible manipulations when advising a client or interpreting any occult art. Just like I said earlier, these predictions have price tags attached unto them because only a knowing prophet can undo the curse.

The real problem is not losing money. Spiritual openness can lead to a difficult relationship where the individual depends on more people to confirm the problem. Words can stick in the subconscious and can become a self-fulfilling prophesy when in this weak state.

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