Do Loved Ones That Passed Away See Us?

Do Loved Ones That Passed Away See Us?

People wonder about their loved ones after they die, and they wonder if their loved one is able to see them after they pass over.

The loved one still has a soul, and they can communicate with you beyond the earth.

Soul Energy

When a loved one leaves this world, their soul is still full of energy. The physical pain that they have had in this body is gone and their soul goes to the next place. This is where all the souls go and even though the souls are no longer in a body, they still have energy.

This helps the soul move to its next place. Once it is where it is going to go, the loved one can see you and can sometimes communicate with you.

New Souls

The souls are often moved to a place where they can learn new things. They are taught to figure out how to visit earth and how to let go of their bodily ideas.

The loved one will pass and sometimes the people that miss them will see them in their dreams or will feel the energy of their loved one around them.

They might also get signs from their loved one such as something falling down around them or a loved one leaving a scent behind of something that they used to wear.

There are different signs that a loved one can leave across the dimensions.

Past and Future

When things change on earth, the loved one will be able to see the present and future events. The spirit will sometimes visit you because they want to help you. They will be very private because they love you and they want you to have your own life, but they also want to help you.

They are able to help you to get your Akashic records and to know what is going to happen in your future. They can help you to see future events and help you to know what is going to happen in your life.

Higher Power

The loved one that passes is still the same person, but they have more power than they had on earth. They have a bigger understanding on what has happened to them and why things happened the way that they did.

They have the chance to open up beyond what human beings can open up to and they have a higher knowledge of the world and the spirit world.

They are at peace and they have attained understanding. They no longer get mad or upset about things, but they are able to handle situations on the earth to help you to make it through your life.

They have some knowledge beyond the world and when events happen, they sometimes are saddened by how people react and act. They want the best for you and for those around them and they know that everyone has to learn a lesson in life.

Loved One Belongings

When you have to deal with the belongings of a loved one that has passed away, you need to make sure that you are being fair with their things.

Make sure that you are sharing them amongst the family or friends and that they are able to have legacies from their friends and loved ones.

It is painful for the spirit when people are torn apart because of belongings and money. They want everyone to have hope and happiness and they want the relationships to be strong and loving. Hurtful behavior such as greed and selfishness are not wanted.

Loved ones want to share things and they want to share their objects with others. Keep the things that give you good memories and share them with others. Do not overload your home with items but share them with others and donate to charities. This makes your loved one happy.


Your loved one will want to communicate with you once they pass over. Be aware of them and about their earthly communication. Learn to communicate with them and to hear messages that they want to give you. Allow their knowledge to be shared with you and find peace and happiness in their passing.

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