Dreaming of Your Past life

Dreaming of Your Past life

Dreams come and go, and many people do not even remember the dreams that they have had. Some dreams on the other hand can be very impactful and strong and can be remembered. Dreams are something that happens to everyone but if you have certain dream patterns, it can mean that you have a past life.

It is not always easy to know if your dreams are from your life now or if they are from a past life experience that you have had. Knowing more about dreams can help you to understand what you are dreaming and why.

People and Places

Dreaming about people and places is normal. You will see people in your dreams that you know and then chances are that you will see people that you did not know or places that you have never been. You might even find that you are in situations and these could be from things you have done in your past life.

Different Person

You might find that when you dream that you are a different person than you are now. People that have these dreams might be dreaming about a past life.


Things in your life will change and people will have different thoughts and ideas about changing. When you dream and your dreams show a past life that has not changed, you might see the same people or places that you have been.

You might remember these memories like they just happened, even if they were from your childhood or even earlier.


Past life dreams can include pain or injuries that you have had in your past life. If you have never broken anything but you dream about a broken bone, chances are that this happened in your past life.

If you keep dreaming about pain in your body, your dream can be telling you that you had pain or ailments in your past.

Déjà vu

If you have ever experienced Déjà vu, it is a feeling like none other. This can be a feeling that you have been somewhere before.

This is something that happens by chance and can be triggered by things you see or smell. This can indicate that you have experienced something in your past life that you do not remember now.


Have you ever felt that you were older than you really were or that you had an old soul? People with old souls have often lived many different lives.

If you have dreams that show you in different places or situations than you have ever been, chances are you have been there in past lives.

Dreams are part of your subconscious and they can be there to warn you or to help you heal. Never ignore your dreams and pay attention to them.

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