Exercise as a ritual

Exercise as a ritual

Some who regularly practice magic see physical exercise as part of their ritual.  This is because any physical activity that your body is capable of is a celebration. Playing a sport or any other workout is in and of itself is a ritual.  It just stands to reason that we can use this exercise as a way to connect our physical side with our spiritual side. Exercise can help you love the body you are in.

To begin

Your ritual starts by putting on your workout clothes.  Then you set up your space by either going to the gym or getting your equipment together.   And just like any ritual, you go through your routine.  Your workout gear is part of the ritual because you only wear those clothes for exercise.

As your ritual practice improves, you add more and more steps; increased reps and heavier weights.  As you add more things to your ritual, you may need different ritual wear.  You may have different ritual music or chants (songs) as you workout.

Beginning the practice

Before you actually enter the space, you prepare yourself by dressing and drinking water. You will carry this water with you throughout your practice to keep your body connected to your spirit.

Your entry to the sacred space is protected and you will have to scan a card or enter a code to come and go.  This will allow you to connect to the level of mindfulness you need for your practice.

You can begin your ritual with intent and use your workout to promote whatever you wish. You can also use it as a means of mediation, because you will connect with your breathing to still your mind as your body performs.  Working on a path through an inner landscape is a great way to use a treadmill or stair stepper.  This repetitive motion is good for contemplation as well. Visualization, a very important part of ritual is also aided by repetition.

If you have  ever practiced yoga, you are familiar with connection the body to the spirit as ritual. Group exercise allows you to build energy from a community and pilates and/or barre work uses breathing as regulation.All of these are important components for ritual.

As you continue in your practice, you will notice that you can add challenges such as slowly building strength or flexibility. Acknowledge the amazing things your body can do while you practice.  This is an excellent time to show gratitude for your body.

Your ritual is a personal thing. The magic is where you find it, whether you are trying to find an escape from the world, or if you want a connection to the physical side of yourself.  You may be trying to reach a goal, such as completing a marathon or just finding your personal best.

Exercise can help you reach a magical state, or it can be its own ritual for ritual’s sake.  You can use any session in a pool as a means to connect with the water spirits. You can acknowledge your body and its abilities by choosing the best exercise for you. Any step of your exercise ritual can be magical.  Every movement brings your closer to where you want to go. If you connect with your spirit, you have magic.

We never stop learning on our journey. Exercise makes us stronger and more capable for that journey.  We create our own success as move towards our own truth.

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