Having a Strong Protection Angel

Having a Strong Protection Angel

Do you have a lot of things that are happening in your life that cause you to feel that you are always facing challenges? Do you feel that tragic events that happen around you or around the world are affecting you?

Knowing that things always can go wrong is something we all face, but if you want to be comforted and you want to know that you are protected, then you need to know that you have guides that are there to help you and keep you safe no matter what is going on in your life. This can help you to not feel alone.

Chances are that you sit around, and you can feel your angels or your guides around you. They might even come to you in signs and symbols while you are sitting around your house or outside, maybe even at work.

You can sit about and look and listen at the world around you and see all of the spiritual activity that is going on. If you see and sense this activity, chances are that you might pick up negative energies here and there.

There are ways that you can change what you hear and what you allow to come to you, and this can help to improve your life.


Your guides are there to protect you and keep you safe when you are surrounded by negative things. If you are using your psychic powers, chances are that you will pick up more negative energy than someone who isn’t and so you always need to have that added protection.

Some of your guides can include:

  • Angels
  • Ancestors
  • Faeries
  • Spirit Guides

All of these different kinds of guides are there to help you.


Your guides will lead you and show you what to do and what not to do but they will also give you tools that you can use to help keep yourself safe and protected.

Here are some of the important tools that your guides can give you:

  • Light
  • Meditation guides
  • Signs
  • Feathers


Even though light, meditation and signs are important for protection, feathers can be a tool that is given from the angels.

Get yourself a feather and put jasmine oil on it. This can help to protect you and you can put it wherever you need to have protection.

This is a very powerful tool, and it will give you peace and help to shine light on your life.


Listen to your guides and see what kind of guidance they want to give you to help you live a happy and peaceful life.

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