How Chakras Create Connection Between People

How Chakras Create Connection Between People

If you feel drawn to a particular person it could be due to compatibility between your chakras.  This special bond can occur at any relationship level.  Each chakra expresses it vibrational qualities in a unique manner and impact specific facets of life.

Chakras communicate by facilitating energy from one’s right side and sending it to their left side.  If this is able to occur properly, energy flow is balanced.  Often, energy flow can become blocked due to damage or over/under activity and thus hinder healthy energetic dialogue.  These issues can be remedied by practicing visualizations, meditations, or breathing exercises that focus on the specific chakras involved in the imbalance.

Each chakra communicates in a unique pattern.  We have compiled the following list to help you learn more about chakras interact between two people and allow you discover just why you and your special person share your unshakable bond.

The Sacral Chakra:

This chakra governs happiness, creativity and confidence.  The negative components involve fear, self-protection and consumerism.  Duos that communicate via the sacral chakra strive to enjoy a cushy life filled with parties, self-expression and vibrant shared experiences.  However, they may become overly guarded during miscommunications and have disagreements involving money.

The Root Chakra:

The sexual organs are the focal point of the Root Chakra.  The main impetuous of energy radiating from this chakra is related to survival and the drive to stay alive both literally and metaphorically.  Couples that are bonded by this chakra have magnetic physical pull towards each other, like those seen in lover or parent/child pairings.

The Solar Plexus Chakra:

This chakra is focused on energy coming into the body through the universal umbilical cord.  The Solar Plexus helps people understand how they view themselves against the physical world and establish goals, ambitions and tangible pleasures.  Relationships yoked by the solar plexus help keep each other balanced, safe and seen.  When the rest of the world might not understand what makes a person special, the other half of this pairing actively nurtures these talents

The Heart Chakra:

The first of the higher-level chakras.  The Heart governs love at its purest.  Together this pair work to cultivate peace, joy and happiness for one another.

The Throat Chakra:

This chakra asks individual to help make sense of the stimuli they receive during a given day.  To help feel grounded, the throat chakra compels us to seek sanctuary in spirituality, religion or meditation.  Couples yoked by the throat chakra have a dynamic centered in honesty and self-restraint.  They don’t waste precious time or energy on frivolous flights of fancy.  They center their efforts on helping each other realize their fullest potential and to grow not only in this life but in their spiritual endeavors as well.

The Third-Eye Chakra:

The third-eye chakra inspires people with vivid imagination and spurs creativity.  When this chakra is balanced, one’s intuition is unmatched and they use their foresight to improve the lives of others to benefit the universal community.  When people are connected by this chakra, they encourage each other to see far beyond their personal lives and even those of their loved ones.  Instead they work together to improve society at large and to teach others about the mysteries of the universe.  This bond far transcends any sexual chemistry or yearning for parental security into one that is spiritual and capable of spanning lifetimes.

The Crown Chakra:

The highest of all chakras help connect a people with the full power of the Universe.  It calls people to transcend the physical and tap into their Divine-given power.  People joined by the crown chakra have a deep devotion to each other and the spiritual realm.  They are driven by a discover to explore and go well beyond the surface of any issue.  There is a constant teacher-student partner that will alternate between partner as the situation dictates.  There is unwavering trust between these individuals and work together as two halves of a whole.  Theirs is a bond that even death can’t shatter and these souls will always find each other in future lifetimes.