How to Become Friends with a Psychic Medium

Below are ways you can become friends with a psychic medium:

  1. Listen without making faces

The fact that you are not saying does not mean we are not seeing it. Do not forget that psychic mediums do readings for a living and if you have a medium friend who is comfortable to tell you their spirit stories then it means they trust you. Don’t look horrified but just honor them.

  1. Inquire about their lifestyle or experiences

Quite a number of individuals are always afraid of girls or boys who communicate with the dead. This surprised me because we also see spirits and that doesn’t mean we eat people. This surprise means something serious. Like it’s an indication that the people surrounding mediums have never asked them about their lifestyle.  Show that you care about that medium in your life.

  1. Do not de-bunk immediately

Mediums are likely to be sensitive to things that you aren’t and that doesn’t make them look like idiots.

Know that if the medium in your life is a professional then they have gone through a lot.

Do not shoot her down before considering an alternate perspective. Listen respectfully.

The above points are just way you can show compassion and care to the spiritual mediums in your life.

It’s also very essential as a psychic to learn how to be a good psychic friend. We can’t request others to be what we ourselves don’t want to be.

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