How to Make Your Aura Stronger

Make Your Aura Stronger

Everyone has an aura, and your aura is the energy field that is surrounding you and protecting you from negative things such as sicknesses and emotions. When your aura gets full of negativity and it becomes weak, it can cause the negative feelings to pass through and get on you. It is important that you keep your aura strong so that you can be healthy.

Deep Breath or Do Pranayama

This kind of deep breathing can help to keep your mind, body, and soul strong. It can also work to make your aura stronger. When you meditate each day, you will be stronger, and you can get rid of thoughts that are holding you back.

This can help you to be more aware and can help you to have strength and positivity in your life. This can also help you to be able to talk to people and look in their eyes when you see them. When you meditate, you can feel what your heart is feeling, and you can heal if there is anything lacking.


Take time to go out in nature. Go for a walk or do what it takes to have a connection with the things around you. You can sit in the dirt, lay under a tree, go in the lake, or just walk barefoot in the grass. Doing this can help to make your root chakra stronger.

The root chakra is the place where you feel stable and connected and when you have a strong root chakra you are more protected.

Sea Salt

Take a sea salt bath each day. This can get rid of any negative energy and can cleanse your aura. It allows the stress to leave your body and to make you feel better.

Electromagnetic Field

People are always on their electronics, and it is important that you take a break each day. Even though we are often addicted to electronics, take time each day to turn them off and to spend time with people that you love. This will make your aura stronger and free of negative energy.


Learn to speak positively. The more negative you are the more you will harm your aura. The energy that you put in your body will affect you in all ways.

Look at Things Differently

Take time to change how you feel and look at things in a better light. When you feel bad or are suffering, look at it differently and see if you can make changes to make the situation better.


Find things that you love to do that make you feel good. You can dance, listen to music, watch television or whatever makes you feel positive.

Alone Time

Everyone needs to have some time where they spend it alone. Take time and spend with yourself. No matter what is going on, go in your room and spend some time meditating, reading or just relaxing.

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