How to Manifest Things to Your Life with Candles

Manifest Things to Your Life with Candles

Fire is very intense, and most people are fascinated by how a fire burn. People love to watch a campfire or look at the candle burning. The flame that dances around can give both power and life to people.

The fire can awaken something inside of your soul. Fire is important because it can both destroy things and heal things. The fire makes a hissing sound that can warn you that there is about to be devastation to you. The fire will glow and comfort you, but it can also destroy things around you.

Each culture and religion have fire and many people use it as magic. Even in myth’s, there is wisdom and respect for fires. Fire can help to keep people warm when it is cold out and can cook food for you. Fire can even keep scary things away. Even the sun has fire that allows us to grow crops and to keep ourselves warm. The growing things give us food, life, and medicine. Fire is one of the ways that we live.

Dreams and Intentions

If you are someone that lights candles to make your area ambient, candles can help you with your life intentions. Imagine that you have a desire in your life, and you feel pushed by the flame of the candle. Some people will light candles when they need a healing because they believe that the flame can help to bring spirits close to them. There is energy that comes from a flame and this makes it different than fake lighting.

You can change things in your life by lighting candles. If you need to have something come to your life, set your intentions, and light your candle. Be thankful for what you desire and allow the fire to be fuels. This can help you to get what you want.

If you are missing something in your life and you want to see things happen, carve your name into a candle. Light the candle and put it in a place that is private. The candle can cause you to speak life into what you want, even someone you miss.

The spirits can see the glow of the light and can help you to get things to your life.

Magic in the Moment

People that travel love to light candles and they love the energy that the candles bring. A spirit that hears can help you and can come and meet your requests. Even churches and other special places often have candles lit.

Candles can smell good and can cause you to relax. This can cause you to have a strong mind and body and to give you peace. It can cause your emotions to be calm.

If you want to release things out of your life, write them down on a piece of paper and light a black candle. Release the energy back into the universe and when you light the candle, let the wax melt it away.


When you manifest things to your life with candles, you need to set your intentions on what you want. Add oils or herbs and use crystals to help make this faster. There is strong power when you light a candle.

Each color of the candle can be an important key and can help to raise the vibrations of your life. Ask about certain colors and make sure you have the right intentions that match the candle.

Work with the candle and let your desire come alive inside of you.

Candle Colors

Here are some colors that have energies of candles:

  • White-this can help you to heal and can raise your spirit. It is part of the crown chakra.
  • Black-this can bring you mysteries and help you to change and communicate with your spirit guides.
  • Red-this is a romantic and passionate color. It can help you to have power and works with the root chakra.
  • Blue-this color can help you communicate and works with the throat chakra. It can also bring healing to your body and help boost your creativity.
  • Green-The green color is part of nature and can help you to heal the earth and works with the heart chakra.
  • Yellow-this can help you not to be confused and help to increase your telepathy and empathetic gifts. It works with the solar plexus chakra.
  • Purple-this can help you to be more spiritually aware. It can help you with the third eye chakra.
  • Orange-this helps to boost your career and brings money to your life. This works with the sacral chakra.
  • Pink-this color helps to heal and can make you have better relationships. It works with the heart chakra.
  • Brown-this can cause you to have better finances and to ground you.
  • Gray-this can cause you to stop being afraid and can help you to be protected.