How to tell if somebody was in your life before

How to tell if somebody was in your life before

Have you ever felt like you’ve met someone before and you seem to have a strong connection regardless of the fact that you’re strangers? Past lives are amazing to believe it or not.

Psychics believe that we all have past connections with both our pets and the individuals in our lives.  It is essential to note that our past lives are not unique.  Andrew Brewer says that “each and every one of us has a past life”

Therefore, being in possession of a past life means that your spirit wants to be here hence it decided to come back. There is a chance that it will revolve into the future.

If you have met somebody you know there will be a difference in connection with everybody else you meet. Below are ways you can tell has been in your life before, according to clairvoyants.

  1. It is there in your Astrological Birth Chart

Your astrological birth chart is capable of telling you if your companion has been in your life before.  Brewer says that we are all capable of seeing our past lives clearly through astrology.

However, quite a number of us do not have their companions both their charts and their partner have to give a comparison. Luckily, there are ways you can tell somebody has been in your life before by how you feel when you meet them.

  1. There is A Reaction that will be Caused When you meet them

Meeting a partner you had in the past will definitely cause a reaction in you. Your reaction towards them can be either good or bad. You can hate someone or love them at first sight without knowing why. Brewer says that despite what your reaction towards a past life partner will be, it will never be neutral.

  1. You are attracted to them without any Genuine Reason

Individuals or partners, you have a past life with usually come in all forms.  A soul mate isn’t considered as a romantic partner but can be a friend, a sibling or even a neighbor. It is a habit in all past connections to feel attracted to them and it doesn’t matter whether it’s positive or negative. There are things your souls need to work out together and learn. This is likely to occur with any close relationship in your life.

  1. It is Kind of Love at First Sight

Love, at first sight, is a very important indication that you have had a life before with somebody. It means you were in love before in a past life. Therefore if you have a feeling that it was love at first sight with your soul mate then it means you are likely to have been together before.

  1. There is no Match between your Dynamic and their Purpose in your life

This means, despite the fact that you travel together, your role in each other’s lives is different.

  1. Your pet found you out of nowhere

Past life is not all about people. Your pet might have been with you from the past too. Animals use their instincts to know where they want to be. If a person is attracted to a breed of animal but cannot give any reason why it might be from a life in the past. If an animal wants to be with you, they’ll end up where you can find them.  Rappaport says the souls of humans and animals are connected, hence the reason they find each other.

  1. You can easily pick up where you left with your BFF

There are friendships that last forever. Regardless of the fact you might not hear from them in years, you’ll always reconnect and this means they might be a past life connection. If time and distance don’t affect your friendship, it means you are bound to be. You are able to locate them easily through the internet as long as they want to be located.

Clairvoyants say that it’s easy to spot past time connections because of the feeling of knowing you get when you meet them. Therefore, if you have a feeling that you’ve met somebody before then you probably have.

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