How We Receive Our Spirit Guides

How We Receive Our Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are spiritual beings with elevated conscious who agree to steward us throughout our Earthly lives.  They understand our divine plan and provide us with critical insight when we find ourselves at an impasse, as well as remind us why we selected this particular incarnation.  Yet, it can be difficult to understand how our spirit guides are assigned to us.  Does a supreme being match us together, or do spirit guide choose who they wish to advise?

Our higher self picks the appropriate spirit guide for the next lifetime based on a detailed assessment of needs, abilities and opportunities.  The match is designed to be a success and honoring the freewill of both the spirit guide and your soul.  No one is required to do anything that they find uncomfortable or disturbing.

Typically, we have a one dominant spirit guide who serves as a manger for your “God Squad.”  This manager stays with you throughout your life not matter how health or sick, good or bad your may get.  They will never leave nor abandon you.

There will be an array of other spirits who assist us throughout one’s life.  But they may have specific tasks like having a healthy relationship, attain a new step in one’s career, or even guide them through grief.  These guides can either be with you for your entire life, or a particular portion.  They essentially can be role specific or a general helper.  Similarly, some spirit guides only help a particular person, while other guides can assist multiple people.

Guides are wonderful complex beings that possess tremendous love, commitment, and focus.  All this serves to help us reach out maximum potential during our time on Earth, and help us reach the next levels of enlightenment.  Spirit guides are eager to help people create the best lifetime for them possible.  Make sure you create space in your mind and take time to look for their signs and listen to their wisdom.  No question is too small or big for them to handle.  They have been with you since before you were born and will always stay by your side.  Remember, no matter how difficult you situation might seem now, your spirit guides will love you no matter what!

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