How you can develop your psychic abilities

How you can develop your psychic abilities

Below are ways you can develop and grow your psychic ability. When you put them into practice, you will be a step closer to achieving your psychic goals.


This the point individuals usually aim for when they become aware of their psychic abilities. Everybody wants to see the future. It may look like just a normal suggestion, but you can advance towards this goal by just hearing the present. Clairaudience makes it easy for you to hear psychic messages. Your intuitiveness can be increased when you continuously practice hearing. You can prime your abilities for other areas by developing this relatively accessible, psychic medium.


Meditating at least 10 to 15 minutes a day can have a lot of impact on your psychic abilities. When you relax, you let go of your worries that exists every day.

Spirit energy vibrates at a higher frequency than your own; the benefits of meditation are; it brings you closer to the spirit, it makes you raise yourself to a higher level of vibration and increases your connectivity.

Meditation is a personal process and doesn’t involve sitting with legs crossed, eyes closed or humming.

A highly effective form of meditation is walking. Just be disciplined in your approach, that’s the key to making something meditative.


Fortifying your psychic abilities in this area can be a bit hard at times although it is a fairly simple idea.

Psychometry involves sensing the vibrations that come from an object. For you to grow this skill, take an object with a lot of emotional meaning, hold it, close your eyes and pan for psychic information.

If you take this one step ahead it can be a very rewarding psychic method. You can decide to go on a spiritual adventure and visit aa historical site or antique shop. Engaging in such a physically rich environment is likely to be demanding or difficult. however, it has a way of engaging your abilities in a way that will strengthen them in the end.

Psychic diet

I know this might surprise you but it is believed that some foods can optimize your vibrations, which will then increase your chances of connecting on a spiritual plane.

Do away with foods that are not good for your body. I know we all love fast foods such as crisps, chocolates, but do you know that a lot of junk can inhibit your psychic abilities?

Your body feels better when it functions better. And the better your physical health, the greater your physical health. “high vibrational” foods can help.

You should avoid the following food, alcohol, caffeine, poultry, fish, white rice and flour.

Practice aura seeing

This procedure is easy, you just need to do the following; stand a friend against a plain, non-colored wall, pay attention to their forehead from a distance and imagine looking them at the wall behind. You will then see an aura appearing around their heads. You can monitor your psychic progression through auras.

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