Indications that you a lightworker

Indications that you a lightworker

Lightworkers are also known as healers and have the objective of healing the world on a large scale. Lightworkers are also normally referred to as earth angels, crystal children, and many other terms.

I would like to give you some indications that you are a lightworker if you haven’t noticed this. I will also shed some light on how you can step up and live out your purpose.

Below are indications that you are a lightworker…

  1. You eagerly want to be of service to others and always want to do things on your own.

you always want to help people and serve others diligently. Or maybe you have just realized this desire.  Regardless of what the case might be, you are deeply engraved in this desire. You always want to live in pursuit of your purpose, something that’s so important to you.

You are super talented, very creative and have many passions

  1. You have so many passions, talents, and interests such that the quote “jack of all trades” doesn’t interest you.

You are very creative when it comes to anything. Especially things that allow you to express yourself.

The fact that you have many talents confuses you and you ever wonder what should you do. You just have to discover how to live out your purpose.

  1. You committed 100% to personal and spiritual growth.

You read books and articles related to personal and spiritual growth. You are committed to getting out of your comfort zone and will continue to grow. You know very well that for you to shine, you need to do this.

  1. You trust the law of attraction and power of manifestations

You are good at manifesting what you want and what you don’t want. You call people into your life very quickly although we all can manifest.

Learning about LOA makes total sense to you. Even if you find it hard staying in the flow, just trust in the truth behind “create your reality”

  1. You love learning and working with energy crystals.

You are attracted to learning different things about healing arts, and spiritual woo.  Learning about these things fascinates you always.

  1. You love seeking the truth and is always seeking out the deeper meaning of life.

You think out of the ordinary and is always curious to understand both life and yourself in a deeper way.

You are aware of the fact that life entails a lot and not just emotions. You love uncovering the real truth within everything.

  1. You courageously work towards your goals and do the work needed to heal any beliefs or things that are holding you back.

You still find time within you to take action, to learn and grow even when you are scared or nervous. Although at times you experience a lot of challenges, you are committed to push past your fears and succeed in every area of your life. You comprehend very well that growth results from facing your challenges.

  1. You trust that you deserve everything you want in life.

You have always known this and you are starting to discover this more and more. That’s the reason why you have the desire to understand yourself through your personal and spiritual growth journey.

  1. You are empathetic and compassionate.

You care about all living things and frequently feel the emotions. You feel something that you can’t explain. At times you might get confused and embrace these feelings even though they are not your own.

  1. You are kind of an introvert since birth.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t love being around people, but that you need solitude to recharge. You at times feel misunderstood, different than normal and long for a deeper understanding of things, experiences and people.

  1. You are a healer and love healing yourself and others.

Whether you have discovered this or not, you are attracted to healing others in different ways. This can be anything that interests you.

Maybe you have also sought out some of these things to heal your emotions, wounds and always long to help others and shape them as well.

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