Is reincarnation possible?

Is reincarnation possible?

One of  the biggest questions that plague our lives is whether or not we have lived before?  Do we really only live once?   Ancient civilizations have believed in reincarnation.   And many people in our current society believe that they have lived before.  There are several cases of people remembering remarkable things from previous lives.  Previous lives aren’t always about being a celebrity or person of importance; many times people can remember day to day lives of ordinary people.

Stories of reincarnation are quite common amongst people from the East, especially the Buddhists and Hindus.  It is only recently that we in the Western world have been comfortable talking about it.  Much of the fiction and legends of Greco-Roman society discusses the journey of the soul through different lives. The Gnostic writings reflect this. It was only after 500 AD  that the Christian Church has separated itself from this belief.

The current research supports the claims of people who remember past lives.

Is reincarnation possible?There is the case of Shati Devi, born in Delhi in the 1920’s  When  she was around seven years old, she revealed to here parents that she had previously lived in Muttra. As she grew older, she remembered more details including information of about a husband  and three children.  A few years later a man came to her home to discuss a business matter.  She immediately recognized him as a relative of her husband’s. The man revealed that he was from Muttra, her previous hometown. He also stated that his cousin had lost his wife around the time Shati was born.  She eventually went to visit Muttra where she recognized her husband and the two older children.

There are many cases coming to life that indicate reincarnation. Many people are trying different ways to access their memories of their past lives. To do this, they re consulting psychics who specialize in past life regression.

Past life therapists will use hypnosis and/or relaxation techniques  to help guide the client back through the stages of their lives.  This will help them travel back through their early memories and then back to their previous lives.

One the benefits of this is a therapeutic effect caused by unpicking issues that we may have repressed that can be connected to a current ailment. Examining the early stages of our lives and a previous life can help erase the lingering effects of trauma.

The Eastern world seems to have acknowledged this by calling reincarnation a progression of our soul as it completes its journey, conquering  problems as it moves towards perfection. As we complete a life, we gain karma which follows us from stage to stage.

It is, of course, possible that the memories are simply fantasy.  It is also possible that the past life memories are real. The brain is an amazing thing. There are many things stored in the brain.  Through hypnosis one can access all of the memories it has stored.   No matter what it is, be it psychosomatic healing or true reincarnation, there is a lot to be said about the type of psychological healing that can happen  as as a byproduct of past life regression.

Reincarnation is a highly debated topic. There will always be evidence for and against.   But more people than ever are coming out in support of past lives.

If you are interested in learning about your past life, consult a psychic  or medium who specializes in past life regression.

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