Love Spells to Make Relationships Better

Love Spells

Do you look at your crush and smile in your heart feeling so much love? Are they someone that you have looked at for a long time now, but you were afraid to tell them how you feel? Or do you have an ex that you cannot get over and when you go to sleep at night you cannot hardly fall asleep because of the pain in your heart from the breakup? Maybe you are in a relationship with someone that you love but it feels like the relationship is dry. You feel that you have no romance in your life and you wish that you could make it better. Or do you have family or friends that you just wish your relationship was stronger with?

Doing a love spell doesn’t mean that you are doing it to someone, you can even do them to make you love yourself even more. If you think about how, you really feel about yourself, you need to realize that loving yourself is one thing that will determine who you date and who you marry. You need to learn to start loving yourself more and improving your self-esteem and self-value. Love spells can help you to use your energy and to focus your mind on self-love. Love spells require you to be focused and to believe in the spell.

When you cast a spell, you need to learn how to protect yourself from the negative energies that can come out of a spell. You need to learn how to make sure all of the people that you love and that are good are safe. Always remember that love does not manipulate others, it doesn’t for someone to love you if they don’t.

Love is something that is patient, kind, giving and that has a good heart intention. There are some spells that you can use so that you can change the energy in your life to something with love and peace.

Love Spells

Here are some of the top love spells out there:

  • Honey jar spell.
  • Getting an ex back spell.
  • Pink candle spell.
  • Marriage spells.
  • Love spells that use no ingredients.

Love Spell List

Love spells can be passed on from generation to generation or they can be passed on from spellcaster to spellcaster. Even the internet has things online that gives people information on love spells.

You need to remember that love spells can be dangerous, and you should never do them if you are not experienced. You also need to make sure that you have no negative energy or intentions and that you are full of positivity when you do the spell. You also need to remember that people have free will and you would not want your own free will to be taken away.

If you are dealing with a breakup, try to make sure that you are comfortable and that you are at peace if you want the spell to work. You need to know what your desires are before you even start.

Top Love Spells

Here is more information about some of the top love spells:

Honey Jar Spell

This spell is one that has been around for ages and ages because witches have often used honey in order to bring love because love is sweet just like honey. Sweetness is important when you are trying to manifest love in your life or when you are trying to heal from pain and hurt. Something sweet can even bring peace when there is love involved.

The spell is used by people that want to have better relationships or ones that want to make someone fall in love with them. If you want to have a better connection with someone in your life or if you have felt distanced from someone, this love spell can help you to feel more connected. The first thing that you have to do is to know what you want in your future relationship.

How to Cast a Honey Jar Spell

You need a pen and paper, and you have to write down the person you are thinking of three times. Rotate the paper at a 90-degree angle and then write your name three times, overlapping the letters with the other person that you already wrote down.

Make sure that you have a strong intention rather it is to have a stronger relationship, to have more romance or to make a friend come back into your life, whatever it is, make sure that you have a strong intention.

Write down what your intention is. Be careful to write it out in a circle without ever lifting your pen off the paper. It sometimes works best if you use cursive because that is a way to write without removing the pen. Make sure that your intention is full and that you wrote it in a circle around your names. You can go back afterwards and cross any t’s or dot any I’s that you needed to and then put the pen down.

Hold the paper and fold it so that it will fit in the jar of honey. Let your fingers go into the honey and leave the paper inside folded and take your fingers out. Say these words, “Just like honey that is sweet, that is how (whoever you named) will feel for me.”

Once you say that, lick your fingers and get all of the honey off. Seal the jar with the paper in it. Take a candle and put it on the jar and then light it. There are different colored candles for different things and make sure you choose the right color:

  • Brown is for justice such as going to court or improving the outcome of a decision.
  • White is one to use for any situation.
  • Pink is about being in love, but it doesn’t have to be romantic.
  • Red is one that can improve your relationships and means passionate.

Let the candle completely burn down and then after it has, put it in a secret place where no one can find it. After 7 days, burn the candle again and do this each week on the same day until your love spell works.

Getting Your Ex Back Spells

This is a spell that is very popular because people often break up without really wanting to. They want to be connected but they decide to leave, and they are often too prideful to come back.

This spell is very powerful and should probably be done by a professional spellcaster if possible. You need to make sure that you do the spell right so that the person doesn’t come into your life too fast but that they have time to realize they want you back.

When you talk to a spellcaster, you can see that this spell will work by getting rid of the negative energy between you and your ex. A breakup can cause things to be negative between two people and that stops the truth from shining through. When there is anger and hurt in a relationship, it can be hard to get it back together if it isn’t restored first. Once all of those feelings clear, you can know what you are wanting, and you can desire the reunion.

Casting a Getting Your Ex Back Spell

In order to cast this love spell, you need to wait until the moon is in the three-night waxing moon. You need to know that you for sure want to connect with your ex because this kind of spell happens fast. In the meantime, you can get a read candle, pencil, honey full of spoon and a picture of your ex.

When the moon is in the waxing stage, you need to have the spell ready to cast. Light the red candle and focus on the flame for at least 2 minutes. Then go to the picture and look at it and imagine if you and your ex were back together and how that would feel. Be very detailed in what you imagine. Write your name and your ex’s name on the paper with a pencil and then put a circle around the names.

Grab the honey and drizzle it over the names on the paper and say, “I wish that my ex would return to me and make a better connection, one that lasts.”

Put the spoon beside you and meditate for three minutes while you pay attention to your breathing. Breathe deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth so that you can be calm and collected. Once you are relaxed, blow out the candle and thank the fire for helping you. Use the candle again the next night.

Take the paper and rip it as small and into as many pieces as possible. Take the pieces into the garden and bury them. Make sure that no one will ever find your paper, or the spell will not work.

When the waxing moon happens the next day, do the spell again and light the same candle as you did the night before. Do this for a third night as well and wait for your ex to come to you.

Pink Candle Spells

This is a love spell, and you have to have a candle that has never been used before. You need a pen with ink in your favorite color and white paper. Go to somewhere that you can be quiet and focus and where you can concentrate on being calm and deep breathing. Do not let negativity fill your mind and make sure your mind chatter is gone.

You need to be open to getting love at this point and you need to make sure that your mind is calm. If you have avoided love, make sure that you are ready for this spell and that your heart is ready to love. Ask your heart to keep you safe while it is open.

Casting a Pink Candle Spell

Once you are ready to go on with the spell, you need to go to the place where you will not be distracted. On the paper, write your first name and the last name of the person you are in love with. Put a circle around the names and imagine what it would be like if you were with that person. Make sure that your imagination is strong. Make sure you can feel the love you have for them and then say, “Let fate bring us together because we are meant to be.”

Let the candle stay lit for at least 15 minutes and then as the flame burns down pay attention to it. You can snuff the candle out if it is not burnt down but never blow it out or the spell will not work. You can repeat this for seven nights.

Marriage Spells

If you are wanting to be married to someone but your partner isn’t ready yet, you can help them to get ready and to ask you to marry them. This spell will help you to have a better connection with your partner and will help you to be deeper in love.

This spell is going to work for marriage but only if the person wants to marry you and loves you. It cannot be used to take away free will. This is a spell that only makes your love stronger.

Casting a Marriage Spell

You will need a spathiphyllum which is a plant that has white flowers. This will symbolize marriage and your dress for the wedding. Bring the plant home and you can even replant it if you want to. You will also need paper, a picture of you, a picture of the person you love, a pen, stones, and some soil.

Write down the intentions of the spell on the paper. Fold the paper and put it in the bottom of a pot. Use soil for the pot from a place where you and your partner have done something loving such as a garden or somewhere that you laughed and had fun. This can be a park or somewhere you walked. Put some stones in the bottom of the pot before you put soil in it. The stones will help to make the spell stronger.

Once you do that, put the plant in a room where you and your partner are intimate. Take the pictures that you have of you and them and roll them up and then wrap them in foil to keep them safe. Put the picture of you to the right-hand side of the plant about one third way down and the picture of your partner on the left side about one third way down.

Make sure that you take care of the plant and water it until it grows new flowers. Once the flowers come, cut them off with scissors and then put it on a napkin to dry. Once it is completely dry, separate it into three parts that are exactly equal. Put 1/3 of the flower into a cup and add some kind of tea and some sugar and then stir the tea in a clockwise motion while you say, “Be my husband,” three times.

While you have the tea, go to your partner, and ask them to try your tea. Have them drink all of it. Do this again the next day and the next day while you repeat “Be my husband” three times as you make the tea. If you don’t notice results a week later, you might want to do the spell again during the new moon with a brand-new plant.

Sometimes this spell is super effective because the soil will cause your partners energy to be stronger and it is a natural magic that you have with them already.

Love Spells with No Ingredients

Many love spells have different ingredients that are needed to make the love spell work but some love spells work by only having intentions and by using your mind to focus on what is going on in your life. You can practice these kinds of love spells to make your relationships stronger or to have someone new come into your life.

Casting a Love Spell with No Ingredients

Love spells work when you are able to use your imagination to see things happen before they do. You can take your thoughts and make them powerful, and you can use your thoughts to bring someone into your life. You can imagine someone and have such an intensity that they come to you, and they show up to you to reconnect with you out of nowhere. This kind of love spell is often white magic.

There are two things that have to be perfect to make your spell work including your imagination and timing. Once you are ready to do the spell, you can do a ritual. Always choose a Friday evening and it will work even better if the moon is full.

Find somewhere to be that is comfortable and where you will not be distracted. Concentrate on your breathing and make sure you are calm. Imagine you and the other person in a relationship and keep breathing.

If your imaginations are stronger then the love spell will be even more powerful. You can do this spell each month, but it is best on a full moon. You will soon get what you want by using just your thoughts.

Different Love Spells

There are so many different kinds of love spells and rituals that people do. You can do some that involve ingredients or ones that use no ingredients. You can use white or dark magic to make the spells work different ways. You should avoid dark spells if it is going to hurt someone.

White spells are gentle and will let the person have free will. These are spells that can help to build up your relationship or can bring romance into your relationship. You can even use white magic to fix relationships that are broken and to make peace in your home.

How to Cast Love Spells

Love spells can use things such as candles, plants, honey, pen and paper, circles, and intentions. There are other ways love spells can be cast and they are all different.

Stay Calm

One thing to remember is that you need to stay calm and make sure that you are breathing deeply. Allow yourself to be somewhere that brings you peace and that will keep your energy strong. Let love flow through your life.

Open Heart

Make sure that you are open to love. You cannot cast a love spell if you are not open to love. Your heart needs to be open to cast a spell.

Keep Intentions Strong and Clear

When you do a spell, you need to have strong intentions while doing the spell. If you have to chant something, do it with all of your energies.

How Long do Love Spells Take?

Love spells can take a few hours to weeks or months. If you don’t see something working, then you need to make sure that you are casting a spell with open energy and with a good intention. White magic is there to help you to do good things and to make roots with the relationships that you have. You want your love to grow.

What Can Go Wrong with Spellcasting?

As long as you are allowing free will to be there and you are being honest and true, you have nothing to worry about when casting a white magic love spell. Black magic is different, and it can come back at you if you are doing something negative towards someone.

Make sure that you do not have ill intentions and that you are not trying to steal someone’s free will from them.


Always make sure that your intentions are strong and that you are clear and calm before you even start your love spell. Always have a pure heart and make sure that you are asking for love, peace and calmness in your life and the life of others. Always do spells wisely.

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