Meeting the Joy Guide

Meeting the Joy Guide

There are spirit guides that are available for assistance in almost every aspect of life. Be it clothing, friendship, business, or almost anything else, a spirit guide can offer guidance. There are also guides to help with the impractical. Those that assist with more than going through the motions on a life path. These are joy guides.

Joy Guides

Joy guides are around to bring opportunities for feelings of love, happiness, completeness, and even wholeness. When meeting a spirit guide, people often first look for gatekeepers as advisors or protectors, but joy guides can do this as well. Their job is to help you find life experiences that awaken your soul to joy and delight. They are designed specifically for each of us and are helpful when it seems they are furthest away, in times of great sadness and grief. In fact, this is when you are most likely to actually meet a joy guide.

Call Anytime

Anytime that a boost is needed in the following areas, call a joy guide.

  • Feelings
  • World view
  • World experiences
  • Jewelry and make-up choices
  • Happiness or self—esteem
  • Appearance

Choosing Joy Guides

Some people do not understand why a joy guide is a good choice. So, look at the following questions to help you decide.

  • Do you want out of a sadness pattern or slump?
  • Do you want more happiness, but cannot find a way?
  • Do you feel down and want something uplifting to happen?
  • Do you have plans and want to make sure you have fun?
  • Do you want magical experiences in life?

Your joy guide can be an adult, child, animal, or even fairy. Most often they are dressed in a fun, child-like, or bright fairy-like manner. You can often sense their presence in your third eye or in dreams. If you have a time when you just cannot quit smiling, the guide is already with you.

Meeting Face to Face

  • Go some place that brings you joy – This will vary for people. Some go to an amusement park, while others enjoy a beach trip or cruise. Ask your joy guide to help you choose.
  • Have fun where you go – When you arrive, set an intention for fun. Enjoy a new activity or order what you normally do not because it is “too much”. Enjoy to the extremes.
  • When the fun is at its highest point – Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and ask your guide to come forward. Acknowledge what you sense.
  • Ask – Ask for a name and pay attention to images, symbols, or forms that come to mind. Don’t overthink, just se what pops in your head.

After meeting your guide, close your eyes and dance around, enjoying. You can get to know them better through meditation later on.

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