Natural Born Empath

Natural Born Empath

Empathy is when you can feel the emotions of others.  Just because you are an empath, it doesn’t mean that you are a weak person.  As a matter of fact, empath’s can be some of the strongest people that you will meet.

The personality of an empath is so strong that it can help you to meet the challenges that the world throws you.

One good thing about being an empath is that you can increase the abilities, but sometimes, you are born as an empath and you will be strong from the beginning.

In life, an empath will be different than other people.  They will have a strong understanding of people and will be deep in their life.

If you have a child that is an empath, you will see that there are certain habits and traits that they have.  Remember, an empath is a blessing and makes the world a better place.


Empath’s will be careful in choosing their friends.  They will avoid people that are fake and ones that cannot be trusted.


When a member of your family is really bothered, this can mean they are an empath.  Children that are empath’s are bothered easily and they do not even know why.


An empath might act out when they are bothered by something and will not know how to handle what is happening to them.


Child empaths have strong connections with animals and plants.  This might be noticed when they are outside in nature.


Empath’s have strong intuition.  If your child seems to know the truth about everything and you can’t even understand it, know that this is a sign and they have a purpose.

Alone Time

Child empaths like to spend time alone and sometimes do not like to play with other kids.  This happens because their emotions are so strong that they need to keep them in control.


Child empaths are good listeners and can be a good shoulder to cry on.


The care that an empath has for other people is strong.  Maybe they don’t understand why things make them so emotional, but this can be why.

Don’t Like Gatherings

Child empaths might not like family gatherings, and this isn’t because they don’t like their family, it is because there are too many emotions at one time, and they need to separate themselves.


Child empaths seem to connect with books and movies that they read and watch.  They are experiencing things that are strong in their imagination so they can connect.

Don’t Fit In

Sometimes a child empath has a hard time fitting in because they are led by their emotions and the emotions of others.  They are not followers.


Child empaths have a hard time being in crowds because the crowd will have a lot of emotions and the empath can feel them all.  They might try to hide or go away for a while.

Loud Noises

Child empaths are moved by noises and loud noises can cause them to feel stressed or anxious.

Deep Level

Child empaths work on a deep level and know that they are different.  They have so many emotions that it is hard for them to know how to control them.


An empath knows when someone is lying and how to tell if someone is real.  They are able to read motives behind things and are never tricked.


A child empath needs special attention to their needs.  As a parent, you need to know that they are an empath and learn how to help them through their emotions.  Do not get upset with them but learn to know them an nurture them.

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