Opinions, Karma, and Subjectivity

Clarification on How a Medium Psychic Works

When I give a psychic reading, I’m only able to give a client what I get. And I have no control over what I get. Spirits give me all kinds of things—as I often say, “the good, the bad, and the ugly!” So my belief is that if a spirit brings something forward for you to hear, then you need to listen to it. I never sugarcoat, make it nice, or edit the information for you! It’s not my place to do any of those things. I simply give you what I get. I might try to word it in a diplomatic way, but you will hear it.

Most of my readings are just confirmation for people. For example, it was difficult for me earlier this week to tell a client that their spouse was cheating on them. But she already knew it, and really was just seeking confirmation. Many people already have the answers that they say they’re looking for. They just needed to hear somebody else say it.

I strive to be unbiased and impartial. I don’t have opinions about whatever subject the spirits want to discuss. This is a good position for me to be in. The opinions I share are not mine. They’re from the spirits I hear or channel. Put another way, don’t shoot the messenger! I don’t give readings to tell people what they want to hear. I do readings to tell people what they need to hear.

One common aspect of my readings is karma which, rest assured, is alive and well. A simple definition of karma is, “what goes around, comes around.” For every action done, whether negative or positive, the equivalent will happen for you or to you. To complicate that…we reincarnate; that is, we live more than one life. So the karma we experience could be the result of actions from a past life. Doesn’t that sound like fun?! For example, in a past life, you may have been a wealthy aristocrat. Nobody respected you for your opinions or thoughts. They used you for your status, money, and power. So when you chose this life, you made a vow of poverty, so you wouldn’t be used by others for your status in this lifetime. You may now have respect for your opinions and thoughts, but you will always struggle to make ends meet. That’s karma.

A Note to Other Psychics and Mediums

I’ve talked about this before, but I don’t think I’ve shared it anywhere in writing. Psychics and mediums are a lot like other professions. Some of us are genuinely great. Some are just good. And some should just retire, right now!

But stated more seriously, it’s pretty subjective. I’ll use a restaurant experience as an analogy. A friend might tell you, “OMG, that new restaurant we went to was awesome! The food was delicious, and our server was so attentive!” You think that sounds quite positive, so you make a reservation. But when you experience the restaurant yourself you think that what your friend absolutely raved about was, well… just kinda “meh.” A few factors are at play here.

  1. You weren’t really in the mood for that kind of food. That’s analogous to you being closed-off to hearing what your medium was trying to tell you.
  2. You didn’t quite click with your waiter. That corresponds to your feelings that your medium wasn’t reading you or connecting with you.
  3. You left the restaurant feeling unsatisfied and still hungry. That’s like the medium continuing to try reading you, but not succeeding.

Psychic mediums aren’t perfect. Though my motto is, “from spirit, through spirit, to spirit,” it won’t always work out that way. The only thing I can suggest is that if you’re receiving a reading that isn’t going well, you should be open and honest and tell the medium. If they can’t help you, they might know someone else that can, if you’re open to that.

In my experience with psychics and mediums, it’s been rare that we don’t pinpoint at least something. Names are difficult! If we’re lucky, we’ll get one. But more commonly, we’ll get a set of initials, or no details like that at all. That’s why we usually have to give a description of how a person looked. Also, spirits generally revert to the point that they were the happiest in their incarnate life. In my experience, that’s usually around age 35 or so.

With that said, spirits generally don’t have much understanding of the rate and passage of time in our physical world. What was several years to us may have felt like just a few days to them. They don’t use clocks! They don’t have a concept of time. That gets left behind when they cross into the spiritual realm. They don’t have any need to keep experiencing time. If you didn’t have to pay attention to time or keep to schedules, would you? Probably not! I know I sure wouldn’t!

I hope you found this post helpful. I’ll try to write more posts like this to help share knowledge. I know information like this isn’t always easy to find. Please feel free to comment or ask questions in the comments section of my blog. I love hearing from you!

Light and love to you,