Psychic Empath

Psychic Empath

People believe that everyone has some type of psychic gifts and that they have skills that look different for everyone.  Some people have gifts that live inside of them and an empath is one of those gifts.

Being an empath means that you are able to sense the feelings that other people have.  These are things that they are feeling and that they are holding inside.  When someone is an empath, they need to be protected.  They need to be shielded or else they will have to feel drained and tired all the time from taking on other people’s emotions.

The psychic that is the empath is based on human emotions and most people will feel empathy for others but not everyone has a gift of empathy.  When a person has a psychic gift of empathy, it means that they can always feel an individual’s happiness, sadness, joy, and anger, or any other feelings that come across.  These come from non-verbal and verbal cues and are part of the energy field that an empath has.

Sometimes an empath will just know something and not really be able to explain why.  Many empaths have trained themselves to keep the energy level inside of them strong and they have become good listeners.  They are able to go towards jobs that help others such as social workers or hospital workers.  They also sometimes are in a ministry of some sort.  They do these jobs because they help them to feel relaxed.

Many empaths are polite, and they go out of their way not to hurt other people.  They will let people talk and let out their emotions no matter where they are.

Many empaths work in the health industry and when they work, they are very sensitive to the pain that others have.  They will have times where they can even feel these pains in their own bodies.

It is important that an empath is able to shield themselves and to stay grounded.  All of the emotions that people feel will hang on to the empath and these can cause the person to be ill or overwhelmed.

If you think that you have the psychic gift of an empath, you need to learn to protect yourself.  You can do this so that your emotions do not take you to a place where you are sick or overwhelmed.  Empaths have times where they will have strong mood swings and the feelings that they have are part of their nature.  It is good to find someone that you can talk to about shielding yourself energies and protect yourself in the spirit realm.

If you believe that you have empath powers and you have trouble coping with life, give yourself time alone.  You need time to rest mentally and psychically and to take time to recharge yourself.  It is important that you take time in nature and go outside.

Remember that there are things that being an empath causes such as clear seeing and being clairvoyant, sometimes.  When this happens, you might have even stronger emotions than you imagined.

When you hear the world medium, you might understand that they are able to talk to the spirit worlds and to the dead.  When you have this power and the power that you just know things without being told, chances are you can use tools of divination such as tarot cards and crystals to use as an advantage of a reading.


There are many gifts that you may have, and the gifts can help to make you have a better life, just as long as you learn how to use them and to protect yourself.  One of the best ways to protect yourself is by meditating.  Even though there are other ways, start with meditation and see if that increases your vibrational frequencies and makes you stronger.

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