Releasing People Out of Your Own Energy Field

Releasing People Out of Your Own Energy Field

Some people become worried because they feel that a spirit is attached to them and that it is negative energies or other energies.  It is not uncommon for energies to attach to people without it being their own energies and many people find this attraction to be frustrating and disruptive.

There is a spiritual law that says that no entity can stay attached to someone that doesn’t want it to so once you feel that there are energies around you, look at it and see if it belongs in your energy field.

Past Life Spirits

A past life spirit is another soul and it can attach to you.  It can be a link between you and your soul or some kind of unfinished karma.  This might cause you to feel emotional and can make you feel uneasy.  The connection can be negative, and it could be an attachment agreement from the past life which can cause you problems and heartache.

Since the soul is attached to you, it can always cause you to feel bad or negative.  You can release the soul and send it to love and it can bring you relief.

Negative Forms

A negative spirit is the most common thing to attach to people and this is a type of vibration that can bring fear, anger, hate and paranoia.  This can come form ideas or emotions and bring thoughts of the same energy.  Having negative thoughts that are attached to you will give you stronger emotions, even if you don’t want them.

Present Spirits

The present spirits are formed by negative thoughts and can get strength when they attach to someone.  These are not souls, but they can make you feel bad or unharmonized.  These spirits will find people that are the same type of energies and will attach to them.  If you have a lot of fear or anger in your life, you are having a chance of attracting one of these present spirits and having them stick around.  You need to do a ritual to get rid of it, if you feel that you have one of these spirits.


These ghosts are not scary like in the movies, but they can cause you to be confused and cause you to have less energy over time.  Most of the time, these do not follow you around and they are usually energy that is moving around causing your havoc on your life, making messes, turning off lights and so forth.  They are usually attached to specific places, but they can attach to people.


Most of the time, demons do not attach to people unless they are called in.  This can happen through black magic and satan worship but even these must leave when asked.

If you have some, the vibrations probably match yours and you have agreed to let them in.

Releasing Them

In order to release a being, you have to ask it to go.  The spiritual law says that it will if you ask.  This can be done with a psychic healer or on your own.

You can try rituals or prayers and meditation when doing healing work and this can help to have light energy with it.  When you do the energy healing, use essential oils to purify the area.  Do no use these on the skin or in the eyes but use them in a diffuser to remove negative energies and attachments.

If you feel an entity on you or find that you have negative energy around you, remember that you are in control of what you let in your body.  Nothing can attack you or take your energy unless you choose to let it.

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