Sighting a Fly: What it Means

Sighting a Fly

When most people think of a fly or seeing a fly, they think of germs, dirt, or uncleanliness. As the old saying goes, you cannot judge a book by its cover and the fly is the same way. A fly can be a spirit animal symbolizing a force of energy that never quits. A fly adapts to his surroundings and uses whatever resources are available, even in the most extreme cases. This is all in the name of survival, but also as a symbol of change. Symbolically, if change is calling and we answer, we get the chance to see how much better things can be. When a fly appears, it can serve as a warning or a form of encouragement. It depends on your circumstances in that moment. A fly buzzing around has a great deal to tell you – usually that you are having negative thoughts or negative people are around. The fly wants you to be aware so you release the negativity and move on to a brighter existence and life that is abundant.

Spirit or Totem Animal

If the fly is your spirit animal, then you are adaptable and being called to adapt to some situation or environment that may not seem ideal at first glance. Your spirit animal is telling you to adapt, persist, and endure, just as a fly would to change the unfortunate situation to something prosperous very quickly. If the fly is your totem animal, the fly sighting may mean that it is time to take action. When searching for signs, seeing your totem animal is the spirit’s way of asking you what your specific totem would do. If your totem is the fly, you need to see your success from multiple angles, change what is needed, transform into who you are in life, and then taste the nectar of life that is so sweet. Remember, the fly finds nectar wherever he may land and you can too. As the totem animal, the fly encourages you to chase your dreams, even if there are obstacles. Just as people shoo a fly away from their ear, do the same with negative thoughts and people who try to talk you out of your dreams. Instead, chase your dreams so you can find what it is you are searching for in your life.

Dreaming of a Fly

Dreaming of a fly constantly buzzing about can be symbolic of a person in your life who keeps trying to gain your attention. or someone who drains all your energy when they are around. The fly is both persistent and resilient. It may mean you need to address the person to see if the relationship can be balanced out or you may need to cut the cord of the relationship. A fly buzzing in your ear during a dream can be a way to call your attention to someone who has been trying to tell you something that you are not willing to hear. It may be time to finally listen.

Meaning in Art

Flies have made their way into art since the Renaissance paintings. These paintings were rich in Christian symbolism and philosophy in regards to insects. Flies were part of this, most often associated with disgust and decay.  It is not uncommon to find a fly hovering in a painting or resting on a noble figure as a way to show dissatisfaction with their behavior.


A fly sighting can obviously cause both positive and negative feelings, depending on your personal outlook. The fly is often seen as an obnoxious, filthy pest that adds no real value in life. It can be a sign of selfishness and being self-focused. The fly can also be a positive symbol of adaptation, flexibility, and survival. It is a reminder to look for the good in every situation. No matter how you view the fly, it has meaning and should not be dismissed.

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