Signs of Being a Heyoka Empath

Heyoka Empath

Many people know the term “empath”, but they might not have ever heard that there are many different kinds of empaths. One of the rarest types of empaths in the world is the Heyoka empath. This is a person that uses humor in order to heal.

What is an Empath?

An empath is someone that has sensitivity to others, and they are able to pick up the feelings and emotions that people around them have. This can be sadness, anger, happiness or whatever the situation is.

Empaths will be people that are able to feel what others are feeling and will care about those people. They want to heal everyone that they come in contact with.

The Heyoka Empath

The Heyoka empath is no different. They also pick up the emotions of other people and they want to heal the world around them. The difference is that they will use humor to try and make people feel better. The term “Heyoka,” often means, “sacred clown,” and this describes this kind of empath totally.

A Heyoka empath is someone that takes the energies of those around them and tries to heal them even when the person doesn’t realize it.

Signs of Being a Heyoka Empath

Empaths are people that are sensitive to the feelings and emotions of those around them. They pick up these energies both positive and negative and they are drawn to it.

Strong Energy

A Heyoka empath is someone that is drawn to energy, and they will sense their problems through both the spiritual and the physical. The energy that someone gives off will be strong to the empath and will draw them to that person.

As you feel the energies around them, chances are, if you are an empath, you will pick up these feelings and they can leave you feeling drained and negative on your own.

Love to Heal

An empath naturally wants to see people healed. Are you someone that draws people to you, and do you have people that come to you with all of their problems? If so, you are probably an empath.

A Heyoka empath is someone that is drawing to people because people want to be healed. The empath draws them in, even strangers, and they talk about what is going on in their life.

Advising of Others

People will probably come to you for answers and with questions. They trust you and this is a hard thing. When someone is looking for advice, chances are that you are the one that they come to because they feel that you understand them.

Honesty and Trust

Some people are not honest at all and will only say what makes them feel better. A Heyoka empath is someone that is honest all the time. They tell the truth, even if people don’t accept it and they move on with it.

When it comes to telling someone about having a better life, the Heyoka empath will never ignore the truth. If you are in a bad relationship, they will tell you and give you tools that can help to center you and to make you feel better.

Talking to a Heyoka empath will make you want to change your life. It will help you to have more happiness and to be able to build better relationships with others.

You Have an Effect on People

One big sign of being a Heyoka empath is that you have an affect on people around you. Sometimes you get under their skin and sometimes you bring them joy. The Heyoka empath is one that will mirror your emotions. This means that they will show the same feelings and emotions of the person they are interacting with.

It can be hard for people to want to be around you, but they will keep coming because they want to have this healing. You are one that will bring out reactions in people.

You Know What They are Thinking

A sign that you are an empath is that you can read the thoughts and feelings of what someone is having. You will even be able to finish the sentences of people that you are around.

Most of the time this happens because you are so in tune with that person that you will know what is going on with them before they do.

Strong Intuition

We all have intuition but as a Heyoka empath, your intuition will be through the roof. You will be able to judge people and know who they are and what they are saying. You will know if someone is lying to you or if they are truthful.

You will have a clear understanding of who people are around you. You are one that listens to your intuition and lets it guide you.

Large Sense of Humor

A Heyoka empath wants to help people and the Heyoka is something that comes from ancient times and can mean “fool.” This is one of the characteristics of this kind of empath is that they will be funny and do things to make you laugh.

If you are someone that was the class clown or you like to make jokes but at the same time you want to see people better, you are probably not just a comedian but a healer.

Peace and Protection

You love to have your alone time and you are peaceful when you are by yourself. This is a big sign of an empath. If you find that you are always picking up the feelings and emotions of those around you and it tires you out, you might be a Heyoka empath.

Having alone time is good and it will help you to recharge and to feel better as the day goes on. When you are outside around the world and you feel overwhelmed, take a break.

You Know What to Say

Do you feel that when you are in hard situations that you know what to say? Are you comfortable around people that you don’t even know? Most people would have a hard time saying the right thing but as a Heyoka empath, you probably don’t.

Most Heyoka empath’s don’t feel awkward and don’t really stay quiet enough to make the situation feel weird. You always know the right thing to say, and you make people comfortable.

You Go with It

If you are someone that just goes with the flow, you are probably an empath. Most of the time an empath knows when things come and go, and they just go with it to help others around them. When you have a good attitude no matter where you are and you want to experience things, even the good and the bad, you are probably an empath.

Thinking Outside the Box

When something needs done, you don’t do it in a traditional way. If this is you, chances are that you are a Heyoka empath. If you suffer from things like sleeping disorders, you know that you need to have breaks here and there. Some people might not understand this about you, but you just think of ways to make it comfortable anyways.


A Heyoka empath is known for their creativity. If you have a strong creative mind and you are a natural healer, you can solve problems and you want to help others, you are probably an empath.

Empaths are normally very creative, and they have thoughts that are out of this world. If you find that you are in love with painting, singing or other creative arts, you might be an empath.

You Don’t Always Agree

Most empaths will not follow a crowd. If you are with someone and they are putting others down, chances are you will leave because you want to be free to act for yourself.

You are a free spirit, and you don’t believe that people should follow others. You feel that everyone should be their own leader. If you are feeling these things, you are probably a Heyoka empath.

People React Strangely to You

Even though you are kind and loving, some people will not like you. They won’t like your honesty and they will find your humor unattractive. They don’t always realize that you are trying to help them.

Sometimes people will question your motives and even though you have good intentions, some people have a hard time dealing with someone that is a Heyoka empath. Don’t let the reactions of others turn you off because the truth is, deep down you want to make them better.

You Know a Liar

One of the biggest signs of being an empath is that you know when someone is lying to you. You are so honest and truthful that the lies will find you and you will be able to tell immediately that someone is a liar.

You don’t want to deal with these kinds of people, and they probably annoy you because you are not about that kind of life.

Traits of a Heyoka Empath

Even though the traits can be different depending on the person, here are some of the traits that many Heyoka empath’s have:

  • Left-handed.
  • They are dyslexic.
  • They are born breech.
  • They look younger than they are.
  • They have an open mind.

This doesn’t mean that all the people with these qualities are Heyoka empath’s but if you have these traits, you might want to pay more attention to your actions.

Protecting Yourself as an Empath

Being an empath is hard and you will always be picking up the emotions of others. When you do this, you will suffer, and you will need to protect yourself and not get burnt out. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Take time out for yourself.
  • Use grounding techniques such as meditation.
  • Have boundaries.
  • Journal.

Final Thoughts

If you are a Heyoka empath, chances are that you already know this. You know how to protect yourself and most importantly, you know that you have strong powers to help people. You are someone that can change lives and most of the time you probably don’t even realize that you are doing it.

Never be ashamed of who you are and embrace being an empath. You are meant to change and help the world. The universe has given you a gift. What are you going to do with it?

If you are with someone that needs help and you don’t feel like you can help them, you can suggest that they talk to an advisor. Since you want to see people healed and better, make sure that you are giving good advise to others when they are seeking help. Show them that they can connect with someone that is spiritually in tune with the world around them and that they can get the help that they need.