Signs You are a Lightworker

Signs You are a Lightworker

Whether your spiritual journey is just beginning or you have focused on enlightenment for decades, at some point you will come across the idea of being a lightworker. The concept can be confusing at first and many wonders if the idea applies to them. Below, we will explore common lightworker signs and symptoms so it is easier to determine if they apply to you and your life.


The term spiritual lightworker references a soul who has come to this incarnation to help raise the vibratory field of the planet and aid others in enlightenment. Lightworkers are called old souls often because most are near the end of their reincarnation cycle. This is a service before they move to the next part of their spiritual journey, but things get complicated in that there is not a single lightworker path, but many. There is also no single defining characteristic that can make you aware of your status. Even if you have not been acting as a spiritually evolved person, you can change course and activate your light body.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Very Spiritual – For most lightworkers, spirituality is important, serving as a major role in their lives. This may or may not come as traditional religion, but it involves a strong commitment to growth and personal development.
  • Joyful and Light-Hearted – As your journey evolves, you realize that negativity and judgment are self-created obstacles. You will begin to focus on the positive aspects of life and become more carefree, seeing perfection all around you.
  • Empath – Empaths are individuals who are sensitive to the energy that surrounds us all. This can take many forms, but it is usually a sensitivity to emotions, your own and that of others.
  • Focus on Serving Others – Lightworkers tend to have lives centered around others. This does not mean total service, but some area that is fundamentally helpful to others like teaching or as a doctor or nurse.
  • Highly Intuitive – You are in touch with your inner nature, reflective, and introspective. You will also follow your gut feelings even when logic is not present.
  • Follow Your Own Guidance – When others disagree with how you follow your intuition, lightworkers still continue forward because they are not afraid of their path.
  • High Self-Esteem – You fundamentally believe you are worthy and know you come from universal energy. This is expressed through humble confidence and worth.
  • Overcome a Big Struggle – Lightworkers have not led an easy, effortless life. The most advanced spiritual practitioners have faced the biggest challenges. The point is how they respond to that challenge and find growth in the struggle.
  • Compassionate – Lightworkers see the world with an eye of oneness and can look beyond the immediate physical causes. This empowers them to practice compassion and loving kindness daily as they can see from another’s perspective without judgment.
  • Healer – Lightworkers are often healers even if not in a medical field. From yoga teachers to massage therapists, they cleanse the chakras of others, release negativity from the body, and become receptive to the positive energy of others.
  • Seeing the Good – You will see the good intentions behind the actions of others, even when you disagree with the actual action. You understand that each person has their own path.
  • Value Love – Above all else, you are loving. You can often see love radiating from a lightworker. Lightworkers know everything is love and worthy of love.

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