Signs You Have Met Someone in Your Past Life

Signs You Have Met Someone in Your Past Life

A twin flame relationship is a relationship that was made by the universe. What is the reason behind a twin flame relationship? The purpose of this kind of relationship is to make one soul out of the two souls that separated over time.

Your twin is never far from you and even though your heart and mind have a hard time understanding this, your twin flame will be speaking to you telepathically.

Everyone has a twin flame, but you never know what stage of life or what life you will be in when your twin flame soul will reunite with you. The time that you spend away from your twin flame will be new experiences over and over again.

A person doesn’t have to meet their twin flame at a certain time and as each incarnation happens, you will spend time loving other people as well as your twin flame and there is no real time that the universe will send your twin flame. This will happen when the universe says it will happen.

This doesn’t mean that you will not be in relationships with other people because being with other people is a life lesson.

Staying Together Forever?

Twin flames that meet and they do not know each other will most likely stay together but that is not necessarily the truth all the time. When the twin flame souls reunite it is a powerful meeting and it requires both people to be mature and ready for the experiences at hand.

Some twin flames will stay together, and others will get scared because they are not ready for this kind of relationship and they will hide from each other until a later time.

Twin Flames Today

People today realize that there are people that make them better and they go after that specific person. This is why twin flames are meeting each other more today than any other time period.

This still does not mean that the twin flame will stay together and even when someone is looking for the perfect person, this relationship is very hard and sometimes they cannot last through the pain of it.

Even after a twin has found their match, the bond has to be a bond from both parties and they sometimes do not want to take the effort to make this kind of relationship work and so they will leave each other.

All of the twins looking for each other will eventually get together and their relationship will be a place that is full of light and connection.

Children and Twin Flames?

Twin flames will not be able to have children, according to some but other people believe that they can. A new life that is birthed can happen if the twin flame is ready and if the reunion is a place where they want to both have children together.

How Long Have Twin Flames Existed?

The idea of the twin flame has been around for many years. People call it different terms, but it is the same thing. Some people think that a twin flame and a soulmate are the same thing, but they are not. Everyone has many soulmates they will meet over life, but a twin flame is one reunion.


You will meet your twin flame at some point, but it doesn’t mean that it will be in this lifetime. You may get lucky and meet your twin flame faster than you expect but the point of it is that your life is ready, and you are patient.

Some people will not want to or be ready to meet their twin flame at this time because they are immature, and they do not want to deal with that kind of bonding. Others are depressed because they haven’t met their twin flame and they are challenged in their heart because of this.

Twin Flame Death

Your twin flame soul will never die and will always be with you even when they leave the physical real.

If your twin flame has died, it can be traumatic to you and you will have much pain in your heart. You have to remember that this is their body, and their soul will live forever.

You will still be able to communicate with your twin flame and you will feel them next to you forever and ever.

Reincarnation and Two Males or Two Females

Reincarnation isn’t held back by gender rules and some can come back as a male or female regardless of what they were in the past life. This is happening more and more today than it has in the past.

Love can be spread across different regions and even though many do not believe in being with the same gender, some have considered this union as okay.

Signs of Twin Flames

There are some signs that your twin flame is coming close to you and here they are:

Met Them Before

You will meet someone, and you will feel like you have known them forever. These emotions will be strong, and you will feel something you never felt. This can be your twin flame.

Answer Your Problems

Your twin flame will be there to help you and to help you become a better person. If you feel that you have met someone that is the answer to your problems, this could be your twin flame that you are encountering.


The connection with your twin flame will be one that you cannot explain. This will be a connection beyond any level.

More About You

The twin flame union is there to teach you more about yourself and to help you be the best that you can be. It will take time for you to work through this change, but it will come.


The relationship will be stronger than any that you have ever had. This will be because you have so much passion and desire to be with them.


You or your twin flame will not have to change for this relationship to work. You will see past each other’s faults and you will be motivated to be better.


You can share what you want, and your twin will accept you and you will accept them. You will understand each other and have a bond like no other.

Things might be confusing at first but the more you are together the more you will realize you are meant to be together.

Learning New Things

Your emotions will change, and you will learn to be compassionate and loving. You will have feelings that you never felt before and it will be special.


Your twin flame will be there to show you what path you are meant to be on, and you will fulfill the destinies that you have, and your twin has. You will do things to be better and you will be on the path together.


You will be so attracted to each other that you will not be able to stay away from them. This will be why you are together again after a breakup.


If you break up, you will get back together over and over again because you are meant to be with each other.

Completing You

Your twin flame will complete you and make you feel whole.

Together and Free

Your relationship will be so good that even though you are tied down to someone, you will feel free. You will love each other and understand each other.

Feels Like Home

You will never have to leave the comfort of feeling like you are home. You will be dedicated to each other and you will reach a higher level than ever.

Instant Connection

You will have an instant connection and it will be like gas on a fire. You will have a spark and you will know the moment that you meet them that you will be together.


You will not take things slow and things will never be comfortable. Things will go fast, and you will want it to. You will see this relationship needs to move forward and you will do that.


Everyone has needs and your twin flame will meet yours and you will meet theirs. Even when there are faults, you will work together and make things work out.


There are different stages in a twin flame relationship, and no one just meets up by accident. This is made by the universe and you have to be mature and ready to move forward and work through hard things.

The twin flame relationship is intense and there will be a point where you feel that things are calm, but things will also be hard sometimes. This union will be a mature union.

The reunion will be so strong and powerful that you will be very excited about it.

Stage 1

This is the stage where you will see disappointments and you will know that there is a connection. You have waited your whole life and you will see this finally come to fruition.

The relationship will be a time of focusing and waiting and you will feel anxious and stressed. You might even be angry and depressed at some points.

You will see that your mind wants to see this relationship work and as you wait, you will see that the relationship is building. You have to be emotionally and mentally ready or the relationship will not work out.

Waiting can be disappointing but it is worth it.

Stage 2

In this stage you are closer than you ever were, and you will feel it in your gut. You will know that your twin flame is close.

They might come to you in a dream or a vision and you will see that this is important for you. Soon you will meet them in the physical.

This is when you need to work on your spirituality and prepare yourself mentally and physically. Get your emotions in check so that you can be ready when the time comes.

Your counterpart might be close to you waiting as well.

Stage 3

You will meet your twin flame in this stage, and it will be the best feeling you have ever had. It will be so powerful that you might not be able to handle it.

The longer you are together with them the more your bond will grow, and you will have a connection of a lifetime. This will be something you have waited for your whole life and you are finally there.

You will have to make changes and learn to deal with the things that you are experiencing. This can be a feeling of falling and an attraction you have never felt in your other relationships.

Stage 4

This stage will be the best stage and you will be happy and everything about your relationship will be perfect.

You will have trials, but they will be easy to work through and you will feel like your life is whole. You have had a little of this in the past but nothing like you feel now.

This will be a time where you feel like you are in heaven and you are getting the gift you never deserved.

Stage 5

This can be a hard stage and it can be where you have to work through things. You will clash and you will have problems and things happen that make the relationship hard. You will work against each other, but it will be disagreements of love.

You will have to accept criticism and be able to give it and you will be insecure.

Stage 6

The stage 6 is the running stage. You will want to leave the relationship, or your twin flame will leave. You are attracted to them, but your twin will want to run away because they are not fully matured. There will be a chaser that is more mature, and they will go after the runner.

There will be distance, but this phase has to be worked through so that you can get back together. When you do reconcile, it will be better than ever.

Both twin flames will have to discuss things and work through their ego. They will have to let feelings in, and they will learn about each other.

This will break down barriers and you will be able to communicate and be open to decisions.

You will learn about your partner and you will work through your differences. Be careful in this stage so that you can move forward.

Stage 7

The reunion stage will get rid of your insecurities and you will be stronger than ever., You will work together to reach goals and you will be pure and one with each other. You will be together, and you will have hope and a deeper connection than even in the beginning.

This is the phase that you will know that your twin flame is with you forever.

Soulmate Signs

A soulmate is not a twin flame, but they are people that come into your life to help you become better. You will be compatible with this person and have the same kinds of goals, but you will also have problems.

You will be much alike and there will be negative things that influence how you treat each other. A soulmate relationship is not easy, and it is likely that you will not be with them forever.

You have to understand that this is a kind of relationship that will be important for you to grow through so that you can be ready to meet your flame.

Chances are that you will have many soulmates over the lifetime and that you will have different characteristics come to you.

Meeting Your Soulmate

Here are some signs you have met your soulmate:

  • You know what they are saying even when they don’t speak.
  • You agree on everything.
  • Past relationships are never forgotten with a soulmate.
  • You will be who you are and not put-up walls.
  • The attraction is strong and full of energy.

Difference Between Twin Flame and Soulmate

A soulmate is there to teach you life lessons and you will go through many hard things along the way. Your soulmate union will probably be short, and you will eventually clash.

This will not happen because you hate each other but because you are insecure and immature. You will have to change over and over and see things for what they are.

There is a difference between a soulmate and twin flame because you will have many soulmates and only one twin flame.


A twin flame will be able to communicate with you through their mind. You will share a soul and so you will always know what the other is thinking. You are completely connected.

During the union, they will never be forgotten, and you can communicate with them even when they are not there with you. This will never change.

The connection will be stronger when you are together through all of the stages, but it will always be there.

Why Does a Twin Flame Run?

A twin flame will run because they have flaws, and they have to work through things. When you reunite, it will be very intense and there will be consequences of this.

It is best that you know that you will always be with your twin flame and when they run that you do not get scared or doubt that they are coming back. They will work through their weaknesses and you will be together again.

Creating distance with your twin flame is called running. The runner will go through a point where they have a hard time working through things, but they will figure it out and they will come back to you.

A runner can only avoid their twin for so long and then the union will be together again. Be patient during this time.

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