Spirit Guides in Our Life Stories

Spirit Guides in Our Life Stories

How do we obtain our spirit guides? Do they get assigned to us by the Universe as we need them? Do we make agreements prior to our incarnation to work with certain ones in the coming lifetime? Or do they choose us at the moment of birth?

The prominent mainstream consensus among psychics and other mystics is that spirit guides are contracted before our birth into this lifetime. Your spirit guides are part of a larger assembly of entities that was brought together for a specific mission, in which you’re the protagonist.

I certainly did not come up with the concept of spiritual contracts and the choice to incarnate. I don’t necessarily even hold to this belief. I can’t fathom how anyone could possibly arrive at a definitive, capital-K type of “Knowing” when it comes to the spiritual realm. I certainly believe that spiritual aspects of your life are part of a bigger mission, which would require a level of consciousness before incarnation takes place. One could therefore conclude that this is proof of reincarnation over multiple lifetimes. However, I don’t believe this has to involve reincarnation as ongoing, consecutive, continuous lifetimes.

What I affirm is only speculation. I can’t defend anything as “definite” when it comes to reincarnation or multiple lifetimes, though I personally have strong memories and can recall awareness of events prior to my current lifetime. Even so, my own personal jury has yet to reach a final verdict on reincarnation. I also don’t think that people’s experiences before birth and after death are necessarily relevant to our experience of the here and now.

It may help to use a stage and film metaphor. Your story can’t be fully produced with no crew or supporting cast of characters. Many other characters have roles spread throughout our lives in spite of our limited concept of space and time. These characters may come into our lives to participate in certain scenes, or to teach us lessons through our collective experience. It’s certainly possible that they are cast beforehand.

Possibilities may be set in motion before birth, but fate and your free will work together to determine the nature of your tangents. These are the unplanned life points at which spirit guides may be most helpful, so one may be spontaneously provided to you.

A life, like a stage production, resembles the unfolding nature of sitcoms, full as they are of serial storytelling, improvisation, and the type of magic that can only occur at the spur of the moment. If your life’s story could be read in a format resembling a book, the ink of the present would still be fresh, appearing on the pages as you live. It writes itself in a wave, undulating and crashing on the shore of your blank pages that lie ahead. Then come the end points, those predestined crossroads of evaluation that often involve near-death experiences.

First-person, virtual-world video games may actually serve as better metaphors. I think gamers are way ahead of everybody else when it comes to comprehending how reality and manifestation truly function as interpreted through the experience of the human mind.

Another helpful metaphor may be “choose your adventure” gamebooks, but on a more infinite scale. Either way, the choices you make as each scene unfolds determine your next set of potential outcomes.

Having thus begun this discussion with a significant existential question mark, I’m confident in proposing that I don’t think that spirit guides get assigned to us without our input. Our lives’ scripts are not chiseled in stone. Unlike books, our stories are not linear, and they don’t get edited in advance of our living them. Therefore, the term “contract” implies too much inflexibility for my liking.

Once you’re on the stage of your life, new scenarios and opportunities constantly reveal themselves. Consequently you, with the assistance of your guides, may discern on the fly that a revision or even a full rewrite is required. Life is a journey of unplanned detours, which by definition is why we can’t get it wrong.

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