The Healing Stone

The Healing Stone

The Green Prehnite is a stone that is known to have magical powers and to be the healing stone.  This will help you to get in tune with energies and will help you feel connected to the universe.

What Does it Look Like?

The green prehnite is a green stone that is a mint green, yellow or brownish green color and it is a thick crystal that is very course.  It has a strong quality and is strong and can be resistant to pressure and scratches, especially when it is polished.  This stone will fade when it is exposed to air.

When you polish the green prehnite, it will have a luster like a pearl.  If you want to bring energies to the stone, you have to wear it like a piece of jewelry, and it will help you to have healing energy.


The green prehnite is part of the heart chakra but it also is part of the solar chakra.  You always want to be prepared so you can use the green prehnite to help you with this.  From the solar perspective, you will be able to link your heart with peace and bring you joy when you use this stone.


The green prehnite is associated with a pale green color and is part of the solar and heart chakra.  It has the elements of water and earth and is associated with the Almond Blossom clover and the Lavender plant.  It is also part of the Bergamot, moss, thyme and peppermint herbs.

Other crystals associated with this stone are Bowenite, serpentine and peridot and it has a hardness scale of 6-6.5.  It has a 5 vibration and is associated with the planet, Venus.  The zodiac sign for this stone is Libra and it is a common stone associated with the god Freya.  It brings about powers of dreams and psychic gifts.

Using Green Prehnite

If you want to heal, you will use the green prehnite for your heart rather than using it for your mind.  This stone can help you to remain calm and to take away worries.  The stone is used by psychics and is very spiritual and can help you to connect with your spirit guides and with angels.

This stone is also called the emotional soup because it will take garbage out of your aura and will help you to connect with the planets and with nature.  This will help women that work in a field that is mostly ran by women and will help ground your energy to the earth.

This stone encourages you to connect your heart with nature and will help you to get rid of extra energy and give you peace within your body.  This stone will help you to be disciplines and to surrender your will.

The green prehnite has a high vibration and will help you when times are stressful by allowing you to change your perception of your surroundings and help you see what is important in your life.  The stone can heal kidneys, thymus glands, the chest, lungs, shoulders and the bladder and help to get rid of colds.  The stone is great for people that suffer from claustrophobia.

This gemstone will help you to find love and to trust others and the universe that you live in.

Other Uses

The green prehnite can also be used to help with lucid dreaming and if you put the stone under your pillow it can increase your powers and help you to be in lucid dreaming longer.  This stone can also help the dreams be stronger and more vivid.

The stone seals the auric field allowing you to be protected when meditating or dreaming and you can practice with this stone by allowing it to touch your skin and getting the energy off of it.  This energy brings strength and spiritual growth and can be used for any divination tool.

The prehnite is also considered a prophecy stone and can help you to sleep in meditative states and can be used for divine rituals.  This can be kept in the bedroom to increase your vibrations and get rid of bad dreams.  This stone helps you to get rid of fears and helps you to understand and face these fears.

The stone is good when using tarot cards or a crystal ball and can be used by reiki masters for distant healing.  The stone can help to calm the environment and can help you to increase your psychic abilities and move to a higher level.

Using the stone while meditating can increase your psychic powers and help you to be more accurate.  It can increase your inner knowing and give you a gift of prophecy.  This can help you to find your true calling in life and works with the past life as well.

Use this in your dream pillow and allow the stone to help you to be prepared all the time.

You can use the stone as an elixir to help you remove toxins from your body and balance your emotions.  There is aluminum in the stone that can be put in water and will help you to see the truth and to hear spiritual messages.

The stone can help to overcome addiction and give you willpower to get things done by strengthening your vibrations and connecting you with the divine.  This stone can help you connect with angels and other beings in other dimensions.

With this tone, your body can be balanced and can allow you to be able to stand up and say no and give you personal power and your desires of your heart.


Other green and yellow stones can pair good with the green prehnite and can increase the energy.  These can be peridot, jade, emeralds and more.  This can increase your spiritual communication and increase your vibrations, bringing you peace of mind.

Cleansing the Green Prehnite

You can charge this stone in the moonlight or you can charge it in warm water for 10 minutes.  Make sure the water runs over the crystal.


This stone was first discovered in South Africa and was named after Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn who was in the military.  The stone is one of the first to be named after a person and was once a rare collection piece.

This was classified as a zeolite because it is in the same form as that and is found in formations like grapes.  This is a growth mineral and can be found with other minerals.  It is found in Scotland, Australia and other places.

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