The Power of the Mind: Vibrational Alignment

Power of the Mind

Our thoughts are powerful, often more powerful than we are willing to admit. Our powerful thoughts can help us to get in vibrational alignment and manifest our desires. Anytime you happen to feel energetically misaligned or discouraged, try vibrational alignment to get back on track. This is needed because we absorb so much of what is around us because much of it comes in at a subconscious level. Whether it is the television constantly playing in the background, a negative co-worker, or watching a puppy play in the park, it all brings energy that we can absorb. Our brains soak up everything to form a framework from which to act. What the brain does and sees is incredible.

Though we know this to be true, many people live life on autopilot, basically repeating the same day over and over wanting to feel emotions based on something in the past. This is all predictable and known and lead to a life that is programmed to have an underlying expectation to everything. This leave little room for experiencing anything new. When we become aware of our thoughts and where our attention is focused, we can take back our energetic power. This brings us into the present moment and detaches us from outside distractions. This creates space for new experiences, actions, and destinies. Below explores why this space is important and how to create it.

Thinking Determines Actions

Thought is the origin of action because it orients your focus and that is then where your energy goes. Knowing and understanding how much the brain can absorb means it can be directed to something specific. There is so much to focus on in a day, but we choose certain things which says a huge amount about those people or things. Our brains do their job just fine by finding the most efficient ways to function and follow the lead of each thought. This is accomplished by looking to the current environment and past experiences to understand the best course of action. This predictability keeps you safe and eventually becomes hardwired so that we have repetitious thoughts. This makes it easier to automatically think in the same ways, but then when something novel occurs to disrupt this, we become annoyed.

Body Vs. Mind

The body becomes addicted to certain emotions and will look for ways to experience these. When you cannot get beyond these specific emotions, every day becomes a repeat of the past and you will not have the energetic capability to see beyond it or create a different life for yourself. People can easily get addicted to the rush of emotion, even when it is predictable emotion. Many people believe that the same thoughts trigger the same emotions and this creates that dependency. The body becomes the mind and dictates what the mind should be doing rather than the other way around. Our brains in this state become a living record of the past and rely only on past experiences. The key is to become greater than this programming. This requires releasing yourself from being guided by the body and giving power back to the mind. If you are unable to move past your stresses, pain, and problems, then you will be unable to create a new future. You will need space to allow the unknown to occur and something new to form. You want to purposefully step into the unknown and break the programming that ties you to the past.

Getting Into the Unknown

You know you are in the known when you can predict the feeling of the experience because you have had it or something very similar in the past. For most people, entering an experience that is unpredictable is something to be avoided, but this is the opposite of what we want. Remember, where we place our attention is where our energy focuses, so to keep your energy with you do not focus on the past, but the unknown and new. To get your body to follow your mind into the unknown, change where you put your attention because this will also change your energy. This then affects your thoughts and feelings which puts you in position to experience something new.

To practice putting your attention in a new place, first recognize where your attention is at the time. What is the first thing you think about when you awaken? The attention you pay to daily chores, errands, and stresses siphons your energy and keeps you in the past and familiar. You want to get to a place of nothing and non-attachment, so your energy can be used intentionally. One way to begin this is each morning when you first awaken, try meditation or journaling before you can think of anything else. When you can override automatic thinking, habits, and emotions you can move beyond your programming. This helps you stay in the present moment.

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