Things Empaths Feel

Things Empaths Feel

Do you love an empath, but you feel like you are constantly trying to figure out what they mean and what they are really feeling? Do you think they are happy for a minute but then the next they are crying and depressed?  Sometimes a person that loves an empath doesn’t know what to do or how to show love to them.

Empaths are only a small portion of people on the earth. They are rare and only about 20% of the earth. These people are very sensitive and highly emotional. They respond to their environment differently than other people do.

No one can really show an empath how to handle their feelings and even if you are very sensitive, chances are you are usually not understood, and people will think that there is something wrong with them.

An empath feels everything, their own feelings, other people’s feelings, feelings of animals, energies of the world, energies of the spirit world and more.

If you are an empath and you have learned to understand and be in control of your feelings, chances are you will still have a hard time understanding and being understood. You will have a hard time being in relationships, getting a job and you will have a hard time expressing yourself.

Loving an Empath

If you are someone that is with or thinking of being with an empath, you have to think about how they feel and be open minded. They might cry easily and want to know what and why you are feeling the way that you do, and they will be curious about your emotions.

You have always learned that hiding your feelings is the right thing to do but when someone does this, it just makes their feelings stronger.

It is like being a bottle of soda that is shaken over and over again, ready to blow up. It will cause you to have anger and to feel guilty and afraid of what people will think. Eventually, all of your feelings will come out and it will happen at a time when it is least expected and at the worst time.

Having an open mind and allowing an empath to share their feelings and to be heard will help them to stop feeling so anxious and upset. Instead of seeing them as strange or weird, think of them as someone that is different and unique.

Having a closed mind will make you be frustrated in this kind of relationship and it will cause the relationship not to be able to work out.

If you are not able to communicate well, being with an empath will cause you to shut down your feelings and you will go from happy to silent and cold in seconds.

Having an open heart will help you to communicate with an empath. You will respond clear by asking what they are thinking and giving them a chance to share what is inside.

Even though this might be in the form of emotions, the truth is that communicating soul to soul is much better than just expressing what you are feeling. When an empath tells you what they are feeling, it can help you to stop being afraid.

Connect with the heart of the empath and share with them. Approach things in a calm and patient way. Be patient and do not try to control them or make them to be logical because feelings are not always logical but deep.

A real connection means that you can be intimate with each other and you can express your feelings because that is what an empath needs.

This kind of connection is important if you want the relationship to fully work and if you want to know what they are about deep down.

There will be intimacy but there will also be hard times. Even when you want to have sex with an empath, they will more than likely be passionate, and they will not be satisfied with little understanding. They will want to see who you are behind your mask.

Having a soul relationship with your empath lover is different and it will be real pleasure and real love. Pleasure will not just be with sex, but it will be with the soul, body and emotions and this will allow the energies to align and for the sexual energy to be part of the life of the relationship.

Most people do not understand their own emotions and when they have to deal with someone like an empath, they do not realize that they are really superficial and that they are not doing what they need to do to really be happy and satisfied.

Empaths look for someone to satisfy their soul and to love them unconditionally and when this happens, the love can be magical.

Making an Empath Angry

When you learn to communicate well, you will see that you are meeting the needs and desires of an empath. You will feel what they are feeling, and you will be a great partner.

There are many things an empath needs but here are some things they do not want you to do:

Protect from Feelings

Empaths do not need someone to protect them from their feelings or to save them because they are sensitive. They will get triggered and they will be emotional.

Figure out how to have a good conversation and how to talk to them like they are normal. It is not your job to stop them from having feelings but to listen and understand.


Empaths also do not want people to make excuses for their emotions. Being an empath means that you feel the feelings of everything around you and most of the time people have a hard time understand this. When someone is overly sensitive to energy, this can hold them back and make others look at them like they are strange.

Empaths have strong powers and have to go through different situations to be able to use their emotions to help others. This can seem like a crisis, but it is really a learning process and does not need to be fixed.

Instead of wanting to know what is going on inside of the empath, tell them what you are feeling and trust them with your feelings. They will have love and pain, but this is how everyone heals.

Too Sensitive or Emotional

Never call an empath overly sensitive or emotional. Doing this makes you prove that you do not understand them nor that you can handle them. Stop comparing an empath to everyone else.

Learn to look at the situation and see it for what it is. Remember, an empath has many feelings and emotions and even though most people have learned to hide their emotions, it is important that an empath is able to express them so that they are not smothered.

You can help to heal the wounds that empaths see in other people and you can do this by learning to love who you are and loving your partner with unconditional love.

If you love an empath, you want your relationship to be stronger and you can do this by learning to understand them and their feelings more.


An empath speaks a different kind of love language that other people speak. They can open your world up to new feelings and emotions, a level of intimacy that you have never felt and set your soul on fire.

You can change the way your empath lover sees you and help them to heal. Even if they are different than others, they can be perfect for you and can help you to open up your heart.

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