Traits of a Crystal Child

Crystal Child

Crystal children are people that were born after 2001. They have special personalities and different traits. They are sometimes called star children or even indigo children. The difference between these children and other people is that they have strong psychic gifts.

What is a Crystal Child?

These children are considered loving, and they come to earth to make it a better place. They want to bring peace and love. They have strong working crown chakras, and this makes their vibrations extremely high.

A crystal child likely has spiritual gifts that are amazing and sometimes they are considered autistic or are on the autism spectrum. These children have different ideas, and they want to love others and to bring goodness to everyone they meet.

These are children that are often misunderstood but this needs to change. They should be loved and respected even when you don’t really understand them. Crystal children are from the divine universe, and they are strong in their feminine powers. They have a conscious mind and have often already went through their awakening, even as children.

Crystal children are very brave, and they take on a hard job of trying to love others. Even when the world doesn’t love them back, they want to make it better and they want to make people happy.

Traits of the Crystal Child

Here are some special traits that crystal children often have:

  • Strong psychic gifts.
  • Strong intuition.
  • Listen to their inner man.
  • Never manipulate others.
  • Earthy people.
  • Stare at others and things.
  • Have round eyes.
  • Their eyes are often full of color.
  • Are sensitive in their mental and physical bodies.
  • Act without thinking.
  • Are very balanced.
  • Do not have great personal boundaries.
  • Have strong responses to things that are negative.
  • Are easily sensory overloaded.
  • Love to sing and listen to music.
  • Love pets and children.
  • Love their families and friends.
  • Are very honest.

What is the Purpose of Crystal Children?

Crystal children are very strong, and they bring love and light to those that they meet. They want to see the Earth be a better place and they want to heal it and make it happy.

They serve a purpose of uplifting others, and they want the universe to have joy, peace and light. When you channel a crystal child, you can heal through creative means such as art or music. This is the things that they love.

They want to show the world that there are things that they can do better, and they are often attracted to older people. They are very honest in what they think and say, and they never hide who they are.

These children will help the rainbow children and the star humans to have an easier time on the earth because they will speak the truth and they are very unique and excited.

Children and Gifts

There are many children who have strong gifts such as the star children and indigo children. Indigo children are known because of the changes that they make and the knowledge that they share.

Crystal children help the rainbow children to move to the Earth by offering them love and emotional healing. These children are there to help others.

Indigo Children

The indigo child has a different life purpose, and their purpose is that they want to understand the Earth and prepare it for others.

This was a term that was made by Nancy Ann Tappe, and it is someone that is smart, has a purpose, very emotional, creative and often times rebellious.

Starseed Children

The starseed children are from a different planet or solar system. They have lived many lives and they are very smart. They want to bring peace to the world and get rid of corruption.

They want to help the higher dimensional Earth to understand what its real calling is and to help it to wake up.

Crystal Children

Crystal children have large eyes, and they are able to stare into the souls of others. They are loving and their personalities attract others. They are empathetic to those that are hurting, and they want to help make the world better.

Rainbow Children

These are children that were born in the late 1980’s and they have come to the Earth to help it to heal. They want to see humanity do better and they are able to adapt to negativity around them.

These children can read the minds of others and they are able to use colors to help them understand things better. They can also read minds. These children aren’t afraid of anything because they know that the universe protects them, but they do want to protect others.

These children have old souls, and they have a strong connection to the universe.

Are You One of These?

You might wonder if you are a crystal child, indigo or even a rainbow child. You can find out who you are by seeking what you need to know about yourself.

Depending on where you live, you can help those that do have these gifts. Go to a place and find children that need to have love and support. Ask people if there are children that need to have a mentor.

Allow your spiritual self to connect with someone that has other gifts and reach out to them to help them to be able to adapt to the world better.