Understanding Lightworkers

Understanding Lightworkers

The term lightworker was created by 1980’s author and teacher Michael Mirdad, but was popularized in 1997 with Doreen Virtue’s book The Lightworkers Way. Lightworkers are spirits who have an unwavering quest to serve and help humanity. From childhood, they feel greater empathy towards other people and animals. They may have helped rescue multiple animals and assisted people in need. Lightworkers have heighten sensitivities and keenly feel the emotions, especially the more difficult ones, in the world around them. As adults they often select careers of service and healing like medicine, therapy, veterinary care, science, ministry, and education.

Thanks to a honed intuition, they trust their inner wisdom and often used these skills to understand the life experiences of other beings in order to facilitate healing and growth for any being they encounter. Lightworkers will try to join forces with other higher vibrational beings to cast out negativity and pain by using their healing light to raise the collective consciousness. It can take time for some lightworkers to accept their spiritual mission, but they frequently will feel recharged by helping to support others during times of uncertainty. It may require listening to their inner wisdom and doing the hard work of self-actualization to process this life’s purpose. Since lightworker also have to deal with other human limitations and challenges their spiritual awakening may take many years.

How to know if you are a lightworker?

You may have read about lightworkers previously and been intrigued about the possibility you could be one. You must begin with ample introspection and give your space to truly listen to answer. Lightworkers have an unquenchable urge to serve and use their intuition to detect energy shifts or emotions to help facilitate growth in themselves and others. Although, they can personally feel alone and different from their peers, they see all living beings on Earth as connected. If these core traits resonate with you as well as the never-ending desire to serve Earth, then you may in fact be a lightworker.

Types of lightworkers

1. Spiritual guides and healers: Those driven to be healers using mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual methods. Their amplified ability to sense feelings and emotions in others. They have the ability to ease lingering hurts especially after time with people or animals. Yet, their empathic tendencies can leave them drained and anxious, so they must be conscious to clean their energies fields periodically, especially if they are in the medical or counseling fields.

2. Seers: Often called psychics, these people with an abundance of intuition can receive messages from the spirit world typically in the form of psychic sight. They use their skills predict the future and focus their energy on creating positive change for the world including increase peace, harmony, and understanding.

3. Gridworking and gatekeeping: These people have a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of life. They work to stir hearts through harnessing the power of sacred sites and lay lines. Gridworkers and gatekeepers have advanced skills of clearing earthly clutter and opening inter-dimensional gride line to promote light and Universal love to more readily permeate the Earth. They frequently select careers in government, diplomacy, mediators, and energy workers to foster peace, grace, love, light and equity.

4. Manifestors: These divine blueprint forgers excel at harnessing their inner essence to actualize their goals. Their purpose is creating an enlightened, peaceful, and harmonious world that raises the collective consciousness.

5. Stewards: These lightworkers have the purpose of spreading vital messages throughout the world. They focus their work in areas where their energy can make the most impactful improvements. Their messages are rooted in love, peace, spiritual growth and enlightenment. Common careers for these beings include motivational speakers, authors, artists, teachers, and mentors who can inspire people through their words and actions.

6. Neutralizers: These lightworkers dispels negativity and helps facilitating neutrality and balance to individuals and humanity. Their work helps communities heal negative karma from past lives or ancestral lines.

7. Wanderers: Never one to accept the status-quo, this type actively searches out new solutions, opportunities, and adventures. They rehaul old ways of acting or thinking to cut through any darkness to let in new and healing light. Wanders can be found in fields that involve exploration, invention, creativity, and travel.

8. Ascension guides: These adventures constantly seek out new possibilities and concepts. They take the work of wanderers to the next level to foster strategies to achieve higher inter-dimensional opportunities and increased consciousness for humanity.


Lightworkers are enlightened spirits that work to increase the quality of life for all living beings. The possess an inner essence that is rooted in kindness, light, love, and higher vibration energy. This allows them to be a positive and supportive presence to others during moments of struggle. Not all lightworkers realize their Earthly purpose. Yet, should they discover their calling following moments of self-reflection, they will find their life not greatly changed. They are able to have happy families and fulfilling careers while they are working to creating lasting positive change throughout the world and those they love.

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