Using Crystals to Find Your Destiny

Crystals to Find Your Destiny

You can use crystals to help to reach your destiny and your life path. Crystals can help you reach your internal energy and help you to change your life. You can increase your vibrations with crystals.

Healing crystals can give you power on your life path. When you focus on being strong, you can take the weak things that you have and make them stronger. Use your intentions and the crystals to move forward.

Find Your Life Path

Your life path will help you to figure out your soul level. You can find your Life Path number by adding your date of birth and then making it a single digit. If your birthday is February 20, 1991, then you would add 2+2+1+9+0+1 and it would =15 and then 1+5 =6. 6 would be your Life Path number.

You will never reduce 11, 22 or 33 because they are angel numbers, and they have a special meaning.

Crystals for Life Path

You can choose any crystals that you want to use to have more energy and here are some of the best for your Life Path Number:

Number 1

The best stones are garnet and sunstone. They can help you to have energy, power, independence and to be a good leader.

Number 2

This life path number works best with the Moonstone and Turquoise. These stones can help you connect with your feminine energy and can help you have healing abilities.

Number 3

Life Path 3 can use the Carnelian and Blue Kyanite to help them to be more creative. It can also bring visions and help them communicate.

Number 4

The Life Path 4 works best with Hematite and Malachite. This can help you to be stronger and to have more love. It can change negative thinking to positive thoughts.

Number 5

This life path number can use Aquamarine and Citrine. These can help you to have more spiritual adventures and to be more creative. It can help you reach your dreams.

Number 6

Life Path 6 works best with Rose Quartz and Amethyst. This can increase your love and heal your soul.

Number 7

The Life Path Number 7 can work best with Lapis Lazuli and Clear Quartz. It can be used when meditating to bring light into your life.

Number 8

This number works best with Black Tourmaline and Golden Topaz. It can help you to have success and to have abundance come to your life.

Number 9

This number works best with Jade and Sapphire. It can help you have more wisdom and to have a strong connection. Use it when reaching your guides.

Number 11

This is an angel number and works best with the Ruby. Use it to reach the divine and to have more inspiration.

Number 22

This life path number works best with the Emerald. Use it to build your power and to be a great leader. Have joy and peace.

Number 33

The Life Path Number 33 works best with the diamond. This stone can help you to reach your higher power. It is a healing stone and can give you clear thinking. It works if you are being pure.