Using Your Aura to Find Your Soulmate

Using Your Aura to Find Your Soulmate

If you believe in psychic powers, then chances are that you believe in auras and energies. The great thing about the aura is that it can pick up the positive and negative energies around you.

You have probably heard that you will meet people that the universe sends you but most of you have probably picked many wrong people along the way. If you want to spend your life happy, you know that you do not want to be with the wrong person.

Some good news is that your aura can help figure out if you are compatible with someone. You should never have to meet the wrong people over and over again and you can learn to find out if you have found the right person this time.


The aura is your energy field that surrounds your body. This is an egg-shaped ball that surrounds your whole body, almost like a bubble.

The aura has different layers, seven of them to be exact, and each layer has chakras. The layers help to figure out where you are going to go in your life and what your health is. All the layers help to keep up with your thoughts and behaviors.

Most people cannot see the aura of themselves or others, but some people are able to read them. You can actually learn to read other people’s auras and then you can see their energies.

Seeing Auras

It is good to be able to see the auras of others because then you will be able to understand more in life. Here are some things aura reading can do:


When you are able to see an aura of another person, you will be able to see if they are compatible with you. You will be able to see if their chemistry and your chemistry can work together.

Seeing an aura can help you to find the right person to be with at the right time.


Looking at the aura of someone else can tell you if they are lying or truthful people. You will be able to tell where they stand in their spiritual walk and if they have good self-esteem and strength.

You can also read an aura and know if someone is insecure or doubting.

Health Issues

The aura colors will be bright and colorful when the body is strong and healthy but when it is weak or sick, the colors can change and become cloudy.  When you can see the aura of others, you can help them to prevent sicknesses and suffering.


Depression and anger can be seen in an aura. You can see what someone’s mental health is by looking at the color of the aura.

Seeing Auras

The aura will go from 5 inches to 20 inches around the body. If you are able to see auras, you will know that you have to first learn to relax and align your breathing with your body. You have to be calm and ask the colors to show up to you.

You can ask your spirit guides to help you with this and here are some tips to seeing an aura:

  • Stand about six feet away from the person.
  • Have them stand in front of something that has a dark and solid color background.
  • Relax your focus and gaze past the person.
  • You might begin to see colors appearing around the person and it might be white or blue. Keep practicing until you see more colors.
  • Journal what you see and keep working on it until you improve your abilities.

To be able to see an aura is amazing but remember it does not happen right away. Learn to be patient and relax and let it come to you.

Soulmate Finder

The colors of your aura are important and can give people information about you. When you look at the color of a person’s aura, you can know what kind of relationship they would have depending on the colors.


White auras mean that the person is quiet and that they love to meditate and be home. This person needs someone that has love and respect because they have strong emotions and they feel the needs of others.

If you want to keep this person happy, you will want to share your energy with them.


A red aura means that you are in good health and you are in good physical shape. This probably means that you love to do physical things and you are able to be trusted.


Green auras mean someone is smart and they work hard. They are independent and they rely on themselves.

Green auras are also people who take risks and they need someone that will be there for them at all times.


A yellow aura is someone that is happy and loves to have fun. They like to play around and be goofy and they are very curious about what others like.


Blue auras are nurturing people and they love to be committed and in personal relationships. They want someone who is going to be loyal to them and they stay with one partner over a lifetime.


Orange means a risk taker and someone that loves adventures. They want someone that is smart and likes to do things outside of the box.


A violet aura means someone has strong visions and they have a passion for life. They are looking for a partner that will share their visions and will inspire them to be better.


Indigo auras are sensitive and smart, and they have strong intuition. These people have strong psychic gifts and they are able to understand others better than most.

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